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How thick is the coconut palm mattress? What should I pay attention to when buying?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-30

  Coconut Palm Mattress is a mattress product using coconut palm as raw material. This kind of mattress is especially popular in the market because of its natural herbal fragrance and health and environmental protection characteristics. The coconut palm mattresses currently on the market have different thicknesses according to different needs of users. So how thick is the coconut palm mattress suitable for us? Let the editor tell you about it below.

How thick is the coconut palm mattress? Generally speaking, the thickness of an ordinary adult mattress should be kept at about 22 cm to 25 cm, which is more appropriate. When we choose the thickness of the mattress, we need to remember that the thickness of the coconut palm mattress should not be too thick or too thin. If it is too thick, the mattress will be too soft and the spine will always be bent. The muscles around the waist of the user cannot be relaxed, but it cannot be too hard. If it is too hard, after a long sleep time, it will cause the user's waist and back pain. Only by choosing the right thickness of the coconut palm mattress can we have a good sleep.

   So what is the thickness of the coconut palm mattress that suits us? There is actually no fixed answer on this point. Because everyone has different needs for the thickness of the mattress, some people are more suitable for sleeping on thick mattresses, and some people are suitable for sleeping on soft mattresses. So when we buy a mattress, the best way is to go directly to a well-known mattress brand, such as a big brand like mousse mattress. Go to their offline store to try to sleep, let our body tell us how thick the coconut palm mattress is suitable.

   The question about the thickness of the coconut palm mattress is suitable for everyone to answer here. However, when we buy a mattress, it is not enough to look at the thickness of the mattress. We also need to look at many other factors. For example, we need to look at the brand to buy. If you want to buy the healthiest and most environmentally friendly palm mattresses, it is the best way to find a big brand. Secondly, we also need to learn the skills to distinguish the material of the mattress. At present, the domestic palm mattress market has two types: coconut palm and mountain palm. They have only soft and hard materials, and the quality difference is not big. The difference between the quality of the palm mattress is mainly based on the glue used. The adhesive used in high-quality mattresses is natural latex, while the inferior ones use chemical adhesives, so the mattress will have a smell. So when you buy a brown mattress, you must smell it. Related recommendation: Check the advantages and disadvantages of coconut palm mattress

   Generally speaking, coconut palm mattress as an ordinary health mattress has many benefits to the human body. As for the thickness of the coconut palm mattress, it is up to us. If you prefer a harder one, you can choose a thinner one. If you prefer a softer one, choose a thicker mattress.

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