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How Often Should You Wash a Mattress Cover?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-04-28
Use the mattress cover to keep the mattress clean and dust-free.
There are two different styles of the mattress one is a loose fitting pad, which is fixed to the top of the mattress with a strap, and the other is to wrap the entire mattress and zipper together to seal it.
The mattress cover is designed to protect the mattress from dust, allergens, spills and other accidents that may be related to health or body fluids.
The cleaning and care of the sheets depends on the frequency of use of the mattress.
If in a rarely used room, wash and dry at least twice a year to keep the mattress fresh and clean.
For mattresses used daily, remove the mattress cover at least once a month to clean to remove dust and allergens.
For small covers, you can wash these in a warm cycle with normal detergent.
If it is white, add 1/2 cups of bleach in the washing cycle.
If the mattress cover is colored, please use the color-
Safe bleach for washing cycle.
If you don\'t have bleach, add 1/2 cups of borax in the washing cycle, which also helps to eliminate dust, allergens, or bacteria that may exist.
For example, if the mattress cover is large or heavy, then the mattress cover used on the King
Size bed, it is best to take it to the laundromat with washer and dryer, which can accommodate large items, thus eliminating the wear and tear of the washer and dryer.
In the case of continuous use, the bed pad cover can be stretched, so when drying, the bed pad cover is shrunk back to its original size using a high cycle.
If the mattress cover is not used frequently and is not stretched, please use a low cycle on the dryer so that it does not shrink.
Before putting the mattress cover back on the bed, vacuum the mattress first, flip it over and keep the air flowing.
It is also a good time to wash other bedding, such as quilts, blankets, bedspreads, pillowcases, etc.
Protect the color and fabric by following the washing instructions on the label.
If hand-made quilts, bed covers or quilts are used, you should consider having professionals clean these items with the equipment and products required to properly clean them without damaging them.
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