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How often is it reasonable to replace the new mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-07
Mattresses are closely related to us in our lives and are the furniture that most people overlook. Mattress manufacturers talk about mattresses. Two types of mats and Simmons springs are common. They are the products that are purchased because of their different hardness and different bed needs. It is the products that will have durability, like the mattresses used in the temporary rooms of rental houses, most of them are entry-level. The material is average, and it's not bad if it can be qualified. So most of them don't have much durability. It is estimated that changing the customer will change the mattress. Household mattresses, as everyone knows, furniture is expensive to buy and cheap to use. It takes many years to use. The durability of the mattress is reflected in its inner liner, whether it is a palm or a spring. The density of the brown must reach the parameter value so that it will not collapse. The same is true for springs. The quality of steel, the value of steel wire, and the diameter of the spring must reach the parameter value. Their parameter values u200bu200bdetermine the durability of their use. But this does not mean that they have the original comfort during these times. In other words, being able to use does not mean that it is easy to use. As a mattress practitioner, with the increase in the number of uses of the soft layer, the air permeability and softness ability are gradually inferior to the new mattress. With use, there are also environmental reasons, it is easy to breed bacteria, and the unqualified mattress (brown core) will grow insects in the later stage. I have self-examination data here. In the first two or three years, there was basically no major harmful things. I haven't found much on the floors in dry areas for five or six years. This is sometimes related to the user. But the mattress after five or six years, after the inside is opened, the felt surface is a lot of mold, the inside is oxidized, and the peculiar smell is serious. It looks good from the outside, and the 'ecological garden' has been built from the day it was used inside. I personally feel that it is generally better to change it once every 10 years, but it is better to change it every three or five years.
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