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How much is the right mattress to buy, and which brand latex mattress is cost-effective

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-07

  Mattresses are needed by every household, so how much is appropriate to buy a mattress?

   There are many types of mattresses, their functions are also different, and the price range is larger. The price of the mattress depends on the situation. If you have a large budget, buy an expensive one. If you have a small budget, buy a cheap mattress. There are many high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. For example, mousse latex mattresses cost about five or six thousand. The price of the silent and independent cylinder spring natural latex mattress in Thailand is 6699. It is a five-star antibacterial and has an anti-bacterial rate of 99%. This antibacterial fabric firmly locks silver ions into the fiber core and uses professional technology to create an antibacterial fabric. . Carefully selected natural latex, a material called natural soft gold, which rebounds quickly, fits the curve of the body, is breathable and not sultry. This is a relatively cheap latex mattress.

The question of how much is the mattress is actually difficult to answer, because there are also very expensive mattresses, which can be regarded as the richest type of mattresses, double high-elastic latex mattresses , Using pocketed independent springs, 6-sided latex, 360 degrees fully wrapped, comfortable soft gold, micro-induction mini springs have higher sensitivity, lower friction, and quietness and no noise. The warm and slender wool layer is soft and comfortable, breathable and warm and does not ball. However, the price of this latex mattress is higher, as high as 40,299. Most families don’t buy a mattress that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Most of the reason why they care about the price of a mattress is that they want to buy the most cost-effective mattress with the least amount of money, so although the mattress is too expensive, Okay, but I won’t go into details. The most common mattresses are spring mattresses, but some spring mattresses are easy to deform and noisy. People are no longer willing to choose such mattresses in the development of society. Related reading: Smart Sleep

   So the editor believes that the price of a mattress depends on its own ability, but it is not expensive or cheap. It is best to choose a mattress with the following functions. First, anti-mildew, anti-bacterial and anti-mite: The mattress is a place that is easy to get dirty, and all the sweat and dander on our body are left in the mattress. Especially the problem of mites, because this kind of thing is invisible to the naked eye and can't be touched. It will give people the illusion that my bed is very clean. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the mites regularly or directly choose the mattress with anti-fullness function. The second is supportiveness: Have you ever had this experience? Simmons, who slept softly when he was a child, slept for a night and found that it was not as good as a plank bed. Our whole body is not relaxed. The third is breathability: sleeping in the quilt that feels like hot but not hot is uncomfortable. It is cold when the quilt is opened, and the quilt is stuffy. This is the poor breathability. The price of the mattress is not important. Sleeping comfortably is the last word.

   I hope that some ideas on the price of the mattress can be helpful to everyone.

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