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How Do I Cut My Memory Foam Pillow to Make it Smaller?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-04-23
The foam product is designed to release the pressure on the joints in order to have a better rest. A memory-
The foam pillow has a clear outline and is dipped in the middle to support your head and shoulders while you sleep.
If you push your hands down onto the pillows and release them, you can still see the impression of your hands after a few seconds, so the term \"memory\" foam.
You can cut the memory if needed
Foam Pillow in small size.
Determine the size of the pillow.
Use your favorite pillow or pillow case on the pillow you want to cut down, and then draw a line around it with the sharpie mark to guide your cut.
You can also use a tape measure or ruler if you want to be more accurate.
The most common way to cut foam unprofessionally is to use an electric Turkey engraver or bread --cutting knife.
If you use an electric knife, the edges will be rough because the knife is jagged.
X can also be used-
But it will take more time.
If you use x
Acto knife, it helps to press the pillow tightly on both sides in order to have tension on the line to be cut.
If the foam is loose, x-
Acto blade will have more difficult time to pass.
If you can use a band saw or a military knife saw, you can also use a band saw or a military knife saw.
Your other option is to take the pillows to an upholstery store where they will definitely have tools to cut the pillows for free according to your specifications.
Measure your pillow and call the store for cost first with the size before you decide to go.
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