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How about a coconut palm mattress? How to choose a coconut palm mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-29

Coconut palm mattresses are the most popular mattresses. There should be many friends who are interested in coconut palm mattresses, but they don’t know much about it. So today I will take you to see how the coconut palm mattresses are. Sample? What should we pay attention to when choosing a coconut palm mattress?

Let’s answer the first question first, how about a coconut palm mattress? This kind of natural palm fiber has many vents, so the air permeability and moisture resistance are very good, and it is very popular with consumers. The comfort and dryness of the mattress is very important. If the moisture and heat in the body cannot be discharged smoothly, then the long-term sleep will affect our health. So from this perspective, what about the coconut palm mattress? The performance of the coconut palm mattress is still very good. A good mattress needs not only good air permeability, but also good support. Although the fiber of the coconut palm mattress is not soft, it has a good supporting force. It is moderately soft and hard, which can support the weight of the human body well, and it can also fit the lines of the human body well. Let's take a look at the coconut palm mattress from an environmental protection point of view. The material used in the coconut palm mattress is pure natural coconut shell fiber, but some coconut palm mattresses have formaldehyde problems because of the use of chemical adhesives in the production process, which not only releases formaldehyde, but also has a pungent smell. A good coconut palm mattress will not have this problem. Some manufacturers use natural latex for bonding. For well-known mattress brands like Mousse, their coconut palm is made by high-temperature heat pressing to form natural plant springs, which can effectively protect our spine. Health and Environmental Protection.

After understanding how the coconut palm mattress is, let’s take a look at how to choose a coconut palm mattress! The first is smelling. As we mentioned earlier, inferior coconut palm mattresses have a pungent smell, and good coconut palm mattresses have a natural plant smell. The second step is to look at the filling. Some manufacturers will deceive consumers by filling hemp pads, cardboard pads or plastic foams in the stuffing. It is best to choose the detachable one and open it to see the structure inside. The third step is to look at the fabric. Good coconut palm mattress fabrics will not have obvious wrinkles, jumpers, etc., and the seams around are also very smooth, and there will be no friction sound when pressed by hands. Inferior mattresses have certain defects in these workmanship. of.

After reading the above content, what do you think of the coconut palm mattress? If you are tempted by coconut palm mattresses and want to buy a good coconut palm mattress, then the most worry-free way is to choose a reliable brand. The coconut palm mattress brand recommended by the editor is mousse. The mousse brand was founded in 2004. It is committed to the research of human healthy sleep. It specializes in the research and development, production and sales of a complete set of healthy sleep systems. Customize your own healthy sleep system'. At present, Mousse's offline sleep experience hall has covered more than 20 countries and regions around the world, providing a healthy sleep experience for tens of millions of customers. Everyone is welcome to buy. Related recommendation: How reasonable is the price of coconut palm mattresses?

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