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Hotel mattress-how to decorate the living room to be different

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-03
Hotel Mattress-How to decorate the living room is unique. The living room of most families in our country has the function of receiving guests and daily living. Of course, some wealthy families will also have special living rooms and living rooms, but most of us have a house that is good enough.   So we should make good use of it.  Living room design points  It is very important to make the living room spacious and bright. No matter the space is small or large, you need to pay attention to this in the design. The feeling of spaciousness can bring a relaxed mood and joyful mood. The living room should be the light in the entire space, the brightest place, if the light is too dark. When choosing furniture, try to choose some cool color series.   The living room is the most important public activity space in the home. Whether it is an artificial ceiling or not, the height of the space must be ensured and not too depressing. This kind of maximization includes the use of various optical illusions. It can be solved in the choice of wallpaper and furniture. For example, the wallpaper can use solid colors and vertical stripes. The furniture should be as light as possible. Sofa layout in the living room sofa The layout of the sofa can be summarized into the three most common forms: parallel layout, L-line layout, enclosed layout. According to family conditions, after choosing the corresponding layout, you also need to consider how to place and size. .   Sofa size    Take men as an example, the usual width of a two-seat sofa is 1570mm-1720mm, and a three-seat sofa is 2280mm-2440mm. But the specific size should consider the actual situation of the family.  How to put it out  When the two sets of sofas are placed opposite each other, be very careful about the size of the sofa, otherwise you will directly doubt your life.   When there are people sitting on the sofa, if other people can pass normally, the suitable distance between the coffee table and the sofa is 760-910mm. When    sit opposite each other, the maximum space for communication between the two is 2130-2840mm.   If the sofa is placed in an L shape or directly placed on an L-shaped sofa, it will require a lot of space, and the person sitting on the sofa will have a more relaxed atmosphere when talking, and it is not restricted. The longer part of the    L-shaped sofa is called a chaise couch. This kind of sofa is generally suitable for larger living room space, and the small sofa in the middle (about 70cm) can realize the cumulative function, so as to reach a certain length.  Living room space separation   In most people’s homes, the living room is connected to the balcony. The large windows on the balcony allow sunlight to enter the room for the first time. But sometimes, it also brings some inconvenience. So it is usually matched with curtains.   curtains are characterized by a large area, which will affect the overall style of the room. When choosing, be sure to consider whether it is consistent with other design styles in the living room. At the same time, the height of the curtains also affects the intuitive experience. The color of the curtains should be similar to the overall color of the living room as much as possible, so that you can't go wrong. If your colors match well, you can also try other methods.   In addition, you can also work hard on the design of the living room partition according to your own needs and needs.   Why must the space be separated? Isn’t it better to be open and bright? The reason why the space needs to be separated is related to the activities of people. People need to give themselves a certain degree of safety in the field of space. Too empty space will make people feel a little panic and unsuitable.   Here are three ways to separate the living room space:   1. It can be separated by various furniture at home, which is also a good effect. By placing furniture, it can achieve a certain space separation effect.  2. Use fabrics such as curtains and door curtains to divide the space. This method is cheap and easy to open and close.  3. From the ceiling to the floor, the walls are strictly divided, and hollow partitions are recommended, so that the overall space effect will not be affected.
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