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[High-density sponge mattress] Uncover the advantages and disadvantages of sponge mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-20
Mattresses endanger the body's sleep and physical and mental health. A comfortable mattress will not only give the human body a comfortable sleep, it also has the effect of protecting the back and spine of physical and mental health. There are many types of comfortable mattresses. Many people feel that foam mattresses are cost-effective, and many people feel that foam mattresses are too soft and endanger physical and mental health. Let's take a look at the relative content of the advantages and disadvantages of sponge mattresses. [High-density sponge mattress] Advantages of high-density sponge mattress-sponge mattress: (1) The sponge material has a wide range of applications, and generally created soft furniture, such as sofa cushions and chair backs, mattress base cushions and their The base cushion of the chair, etc., the sponge material has high resilience, heavy bulkiness, and good resilience. This kind of sponge material is warmly welcomed by customers. (2) The foam mattress is comfortable and soft, can cater to the human body curve diagram, integrate into the change of the human body's net weight, and relieve the working pressure of the human back. Foam mattresses are light, comfortable and soft, creating a more comfortable natural sleeping environment. Mattresses made of this kind of material also have good sound insulation, cushioning and shock absorption effects, and sleeping on the side of the lover is often not easy to harm sleep. (3) Comparing comfortable and soft foam mattresses with other comfortable mattresses, foam mattresses of this type can not only select suitable soft-strength mattresses according to the needs of the human body, it can improve the quality of human sleep and create a high Quality sleep in the natural environment. Disadvantages of high-density foam mattress-foam mattress: (1) The foam mattress is soft in color and the whole mattress is soft. The human body lying on the mattress cannot generate energy to prop up the abdomen and cause long-term lumbar muscles. Sex is in an anxious situation, and the overall pressure cannot be released. Long-term use can also cause lumbar disc herniation and endanger the physical and mental health of the abdomen. (2) Sponge mattresses have poor air permeability and strong water absorption capacity. The organic waste gas caused by the human body during the whole process of sleep will continue to be discharged according to the skin. The mattress has poor air permeability and the resulting heat cannot be discharged immediately. It is harmful to the physical and mental health of the human body. The mattress is highly absorbent, and germs can easily grow inside the mattress. (3) Sponge mattresses are relatively soft. Some unsatisfactory stores deliberately add lime powder to the material, which not only greatly reduces the cost of sponge mattresses, but also has significant advantages compared with pure sponges in terms of price. Mattresses not only have a short lifespan, but are harmful to the body's physical and mental health.
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