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Guangdong mattress manufacturers teach you how to pick a mattress!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-03
Mattress manufacturers teach you how to choose a mattress!    Humans spend a third of their time in bed every day, and see the importance of sleep! Only good sleep can do everything! Therefore, our editors and industry experts Enter the factory personally and use your own feelings to teach everyone how to buy a mattress!    To judge the quality of the mattress, the most important thing is the spring system.  All mattress spring systems are divided into three categories: extension springs, round springs (independent interlocking springs) and independent pocket springs. Experts said that when buying mattresses, try not to choose tension springs as much as possible, because tension springs are noisy and of poor quality, and mid-to-high-end mattresses basically do not choose tension springs.  The characteristics of round springs: The whole mattress has independent round springs firmly put together to make the whole mattress integrated. And there is no friction between the spring and the spring, there is no noise, and you can fall asleep more peacefully.  The independent round springs are integrated.   The force is balanced and never deforms.   The characteristics of independent pocket springs: Some people must be confused. What is an independent pocket spring? Simply put, after pressing each independent spring, put it into the bag with a non-woven bag, then connect the arrangement, and then glue it together, which is the bed net. Independent pocket spring mattresses, because each spring runs independently, supports independently, and can be stretched independently, so one of the two people lying on it turns over or leaves, and the other is not affected in any way, which can ensure a stable and comfortable sleep.  Each independent spring is packed in a non-woven bag, and    is individually stressed and does not interfere with each other. The spring is compressed, and the surrounding area is completely unaffected. This kind of mattress fits better.  The best mattress spring systems on the market are round springs and independent pocket springs. Independent pocket springs are better than round springs:    independent pocket springs are small on both sides and large in the middle, so you can clearly see that the springs do not rub against each other when squeezed, that is, 0 noise can be achieved;    2. Due to the independent expansion and contraction of the spring Function, the surface of the mattress is evenly stressed, will not oppress human capillaries, and avoid pain and fatigue.   is more flexible than round springs, and the mattress feels softer and more comfortable.  Experts said that there will be a phenomenon of using round springs to pretend to be independent pocket springs in the market. How do you distinguish between two spring mattresses when buying?    Very simple, touch with your hands.   When consumers buy a mattress, they can touch the mattress spring system from the side. Independent pocket springs are olive-shaped, with small ends and large middle; the opposite of round springs, large ends, small middle, and concave middle. Therefore, when these two springs form a plane, we touch them with our hands. If we feel pushed by a few centimeters and feel like a steel wire, it is a round spring. If another business is more cunning, they may make the outermost layer into a separate pocket spring with a round spring inside, so that the owner can’t tell the difference by touching it from the side. At this time, everyone can press the mattress. One place is pressed, and the surrounding area is not affected, that is, independent pocket springs that do not interfere with each other!    Look and then touch, simply distinguish the fabric of the mattress.”   The fabric of mattresses on the market is basically the same. At present, there are knitted fabrics, jigsaw knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, woven fabrics, printed fabrics, etc. on the market. Generally speaking, mid-to-high-end mattresses include woven fabrics, jigsaw knitted fabrics and textile fabrics.   mattresses are distinguished from the fabric in two aspects: one is the weight, and the other is abrasion resistance.   The grammage of the mattress fabric, that is, the quality per unit area, is an important indicator for evaluating the quality of the mattress fabric. Inconsistent fabric grammage will affect the life of the mattress.
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