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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you what material mattress is suitable for children

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-02
Buying children’s mattresses is different from adult mattresses. Children’s mattresses must take into account the children’s own physical development. At present, our country does not have standard specifications for children’s mattresses. There are only general mattress specifications for adults. The current children’s beds The cushions are almost all smaller versions of adult mattresses. So how should ordinary consumers choose children's mattresses? What material is better for children's mattresses? Today, the Foshan spring mattress manufacturer has compiled an article on the purchase tips of children's mattresses for your reference. First of all, the choice of mattress is related to the bed. If the bed you buy for your child is very short, you usually use a thick mattress to match it. If you buy a very tall bed, it is generally not suitable to use a thick one. The mattress, otherwise the overall height to the ground is too high, and it is difficult for children to get on and off the bed. What material is good for children's mattresses? What kind of mattress is suitable for children? For example, a low bed generally requires a mattress with a thickness of about 500px. This thickness is usually a combination of springs, because the spring is characterized by its own spring has a certain height, so it is added with a harder brown core or a softer latex, etc. It's more suitable. If this thickness is all made of mountain brown or 3e coconut dream, then a thicker brown core is needed to add to this thickness. What material is good for the high-cost children's mattress? What kind of mattress is suitable for children? For example, if the bed board is relatively high to the ground, then use a thinner mattress to make this kind of fit. Most of the suits are made with palm mats or only relatively short springs (the thickness of the finished product is generally at least 250px+). It is recommended to avoid using a mattress that is too soft. Which are the obvious softer mattresses? For example, IKEA foam mattresses are thicker than foam mattresses (about 500px, if they only have sponge and have low density, some of them will sink into it when they sleep). Children are light in weight, as long as they are not obviously too soft. It is enough to recommend several types: if you have used a slightly softer one since a child and the child is used to sleeping, then the spring mattress can be a whole net spring or an independent spring. Both belong to the structural characteristics of the whole net with different structures. It is harder than the independent spring but has a little sound in the structure. The independent spring is characterized by being quieter and softer than the whole net, but it is not very very soft to be unacceptable, because there will be other filling layers on the spring normally. If you need brown so hard and you want the springs not to be too soft, then you can also consider using small-diameter springs, which means that the number of springs is more and more dense, and the steel wire specifications remain the same. What material is better for children's mattresses? What kind of mattress is suitable for children? If your child has used the harder ones since childhood, it is mostly simple. (3e Coconut Dream Victoria Mountain Brown, etc.) As for the thickness, it depends on the bottom bed board and the height of the bed board to the ground. Under normal circumstances, the height of the bed board to the ground is about 45-1375px. Mostly if your bed board is a whole plank or a very tightly arranged horizontally spaced row frame, then you don’t care if the mattress is too short to the ground, then only consider the price, then use a mattress with a thickness of 5-150px, the thicker it can be. The more the material, the more expensive the mat. The thickness of the brown core is different, so the material cost is different. The 500px mat is more comfortable than the 250px mat. If the bed is short and your budget is limited, there is a relatively simple improvement. The method of bed height is to buy a few feet to raise the four corners of the bed. As for your child, if you change the mattress, make a spring separately. Continue to use the mountain brown if it feels hard, then add a little latex or 3d elasticity to the mountain brown foundation. The net can be used (you can spread the bedding or use the front and back fabric as a cushion). It is enough for the child to be light and not too soft. As for the spring mattress you are talking about, it depends on whether the spring mattress is spring + brown heart or spring + latex spring mattress. Generally, the brown one is 1.2-50px 3e Coconut Dream dimension is mostly. This kind of child can sleep on the palm mat (Mountain Brown or 3e Coconut Dream dimension). The brown heart is thicker than the one in the spring mattress. The whole is relatively solid without spring. It feels that the easiest way to lay the bedding is the hardest way to choose the thickness of the mattress. The thickness of the mattress is to look at your own bed. Generally, the bed is very high. Use a thin mattress. At this time, about 250px, usually use a palm mat to match the bed. It is very short. For thick mattresses above 500px, use springs with different materials (harder brown and softer latex sponges), etc. The price is more affordable. Some children can use general fabrics and knitting or more. Cheaper or lesser ones belong to the warp. That kind of fabric almost doesn’t have allergies when the sheets are laid down at home. As for the so-called ergonomics, the surface layer is soft, and people feel that they fit the body when they sleep. That’s because the head, neck, back and buttocks are not a single line. The inside will usually let you try to sleep and then put your hand into the waist to say how much this fits the actual mattress you sleep on. The soft padding feels fit, but you have to grasp it by yourself. It’s too soft for a short time and feel comfortable for about half a year. I feel that the waist is a little collapsed, at least for children, it’s better to use a harder one
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