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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you to choose the mattress that suits you

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-02
The mattress is a symbol of the development of sleeping culture and sleeping technology. It is suitable for different people due to its different functions. Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you to choose the mattress that suits you. Palm mattresses are woven from palm fibers and are attributed to mattresses made of plant materials. They mainly use palm thick and stretchy fibers, which are woven into a net-like structure after processing. It has the advantages of hard texture, low price, and resistance to deformation. It has certain effects on waist, neck, spine diseases or bone hyperplasia, but it is prone to mold, so it is not suitable for use in southern coastal areas. Suitable crowd: middle-aged and elderly, young people and children. Latex mattresses are classified as foam mattresses, also known as PU foam mattresses. They are made of polyurethane compounds. They have the advantages of high softness and strong water absorption, but they are low in air permeability and expensive. They are easy to stick to the rubber cushion for long-term use. Suitable crowd: middle-aged and young people. Stretch spring mattresses belong to the modern commonly used mattresses with better functions. The bed core is composed of tension springs. There can be as many as 500-800 tension springs for each mattress. The mattress spring is made of a spring forming machine automatically controlled by high-quality carbon spring steel wire. It has good elasticity, better supporting function, and can provide better support and support in accordance with the curve of the human body, and has strong air permeability. It is not prone to mildew and has a long life span. Suitable crowd: mass customers. Air bed is also known as inflatable mattress, or air mattress. There is an inflatable tube system in the mattress, which is equipped with inflatable and exhaust devices. Easy to carry or store. The air bed has a certain supporting force to the body, and the softness and hardness of the mattress can be properly adjusted by controlling the amount of inflation. But in the process of use, a sense of floating occurs and interferes with the quality of sleep. Suitable crowd: camping enthusiasts. The magnetic bed is also known as 'magnetic mattress' or 'magnetic mattress'. On the basis of the spring mattress, a special magnetic sheet is placed on the surface of the mattress every 15cm. The biological effect of magnetism is used to achieve calmness, pain relief, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and reduce hypertension. This kind of mattress is classified as a health-care mattress, and you should consult a doctor before using it. When the individual is particularly sensitive to magnetism or has been used for too long, some side effects will appear. Suitable crowd: middle-aged and elderly patients, patients with frozen shoulder, mental stress, etc.
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