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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you the types of spring mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-03
To understand spring mattresses, of course, we must start with springs. Regarding springs, it can be roughly divided into three types: conjoined springs, independent springs and partitioned springs. The following Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you. Conjoined springs (also called whole net springs) The earliest spring mattresses were conjoined, and the springs were integral. The advantage is that it is relatively cheap. There are many shortcomings: 1. It is harder, suitable for people with lumbar spine problems and the elderly; 2. The structure of the spring is a whole network, and the person next to it will feel obvious when turning over, and the interference will be relatively large; 3. This kind of whole surface The type of spring is basically impossible to fit the curve of the human body. Independent springs (also known as independent pocket springs) Independent springs are to put each spring separately in a bag after being pressed, and then arranged to form a bed net. The advantages of independent pocket spring mattresses: 1. Each spring operates independently, and will not be involved in each other, and turning over while sleeping will not affect each other. 2. It can well cater to the curve of the human body to support it, and its flexibility is relatively high. Partition springs Partition springs are developed on the basis of independent springs. There are three zones, seven zones, and nine zones. The three zones are designed to support the three stress points, namely the shoulder and neck, waist and abdomen, and leg support. The seven-zone spring is more detailed, and supports head, neck, shoulders, waist, buttocks, legs, and feet. The nine areas are more detailed. The thinner the head, neck, shoulders, ribs, waist, vertebral tail, buttocks, legs, and feet, the better the support and the better the fit to the human body. It will compress blood vessels and will not cause poor blood circulation throughout the body. Sometimes our arms are numb when we wake up, that is, when we sleep on the side, we press on the shoulders, causing poor blood circulation in the shoulders. If you use partitioned independent spring mattresses, this will not happen. Summary: If economic conditions permit, it is recommended to use partitioned independent spring mattresses. After sleeping well at night, you will have a better condition to fight during the day.
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