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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you the maintenance of mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-05
How to maintain the new mattress? The following Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you. 1. Remove the film. When a new mattress enters the door, the plastic film is usually wrapped in the outer layer. Many people use plastic film to keep their mattresses clean and tidy. To remove the film, the mattress can be breathable and dry, sealed for a long time, and not ventilated, which will cause mold and odor inside. 2. Turn it over. For many people, it is wrong to put a new mattress on the bed and never turn it over. This will cause the part of the long-term use to collapse. 'A new mattress can be used every two months, left or right, or head and feet, so that the spring force of the mattress is average, and then about once every six months. It is recommended to turn the mattress regularly 4 For about months, make the surface stress of the cushion layer even and prolong the service life. 3. Keep the hygienic mattress should be kept clean regularly. Try to cover the mattress with a layer of hat and clean it regularly. 4. No bounce Many families with children should Be careful not to jump on the mattress. This can easily damage the mattress, damage the internal springs, and reduce its service life. 5. Do not use the bed as a sofa bed, not a sofa. The bed is for sleeping, and you cannot sit on the side of the bed often , Sitting on the edge of the bed for a long time, it is easy to damage the bedside springs and cause the bedside to collapse. 6. Moisture-proof mattresses should be ventilated regularly to avoid moisture to prevent mold inside the mattress and rusty springs, which will affect the life of the springs 7 . Fire prevention Do not smoke on the bed. Mattresses and bedding are flammable. Keep away from fire sources. Do not use electrical appliances (such as electric mattresses) on the bed to avoid damage to the fabric or cause fire. Misunderstandings about mattress maintenance 1. There are many People think that as long as the mattresses at home are not damaged, we don’t need to replace them, but this understanding is wrong. Generally speaking, the effective life of spring mattresses is generally about 10 years. This kind of mattress has been used. In about 10 years, due to the long-term pressure of the spring, its elasticity has changed, resulting in the difference between the fitness of the body and the bed, so that the human spine cannot be effectively supported and is in a bent state. Therefore, even if there is no local damage The new mattress should also be replaced in time. 2. Many people think that the more internal springs of the mattress, the better the quality, but this understanding is wrong. Its quantity can only explain its load-bearing capacity, and it cannot fully reflect the bed. The quality of the cushion, this is because the quality of the mattress has many decisive factors, and the number of springs can only explain one problem.
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