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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you how to separate pocket springs

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-03
What are the types of springs for spring mattresses? Are independent pocket springs good? Foshan spring mattress manufacturers mentioned that spring mattresses are undoubtedly the mainstream in the current mattress market, whether it is the early spring mattresses or the newly emerging latex mattresses, silica gel, palm mats, bamboo charcoal fabrics..., Both have a close relationship with the spring mattress and cooperate well. The pitch of the mattress with spring core is all. There are many types of springs alone. From the earliest ordinary independent springs to monofilament springs to independent pocket springs, the technology of spring mattresses is constantly updated, but in general there are the following categories. At present, the spring mattresses on the market, in terms of structure, can be roughly divided into connecting type, bagged independent cylinder, linear upright type, stretched integral type and bagged linear integral spring, etc. The following furniture fans gather together with you A brief description of the advantages of various spring mattresses: a bagged independent tube spring mattress is to pack each independent spring into a bag after being pressed, and then connect and arrange it. Foshan spring mattress manufacturers mentioned that the characteristic of pocketed independent tube spring mattresses is that each spring body operates independently, supports independently, and can be expanded and contracted independently. Each spring is then packed in fiber bags or cotton bags, and the springs between different rows The bags are then glued to each other with viscose. Therefore, when two objects are placed on the bed surface, one side rotates and the other side will not be disturbed. However, individual independent springs will gradually lose their elasticity over a long period of time. Linear integral spring mattresses are made of ordinary continuous stainless steel wires, from automatic precision machinery to mechanics, structure, and integral molding. Ergonomics, the springs are arranged in a triangular structure, the weight and pressure are supported in a pyramid shape, and the force is distributed to the surroundings to ensure that the spring’s elasticity is always as new. The advantage is that the mattress is of moderate hardness and ergonomics. Benefit, can provide comfortable sleep and protect human spine health. Connected spring mattresses use helical iron wires to connect all individual springs in series to form a 'community of force'. Although it has a little elasticity, the spring system is not fully ergonomically designed. When the place is under pressure, the nearby springs will interfere with each other. The elasticity of the springs is less durable and is prone to collapse. Long-term sleep and lying will have an impact on the spine. The electric spring mattress is equipped with an adjustable spring net frame at the bottom of the spring mattress. The addition of a motor allows the mattress to be adjusted at will. Whether it is resting, watching TV, reading or sleeping, it can be adjusted to the most comfortable position. Foshan spring mattress manufacturers say that, in fact, no matter what the spring is, the most important thing is to suit your sleeping habits and physical condition. Generally speaking, a fat person is suitable for a bed with a firm bed, while a thin person is suitable for a softer bed. Mattress. You can choose according to your own needs.
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