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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers teach you to measure formaldehyde in latex mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-30
When buying a latex mattress, many people are concerned about whether it contains formaldehyde. How to measure formaldehyde in latex mattresses? Detecting whether the formaldehyde of latex mattress exceeds the standard is relatively a professional problem. You can hire professional indoor air detection professionals to detect whether the latex mattress bought at home exceeds the standard. Buying a formaldehyde detector by yourself is generally relatively inaccurate. . At the same time, you can also use some common methods to detect:    1. Smell the smell. This is a very simple method. When buying a latex mattress, you must open a newly opened latex mattress, the kind of newly opened latex mattress Generally there will be a smell, if the smell is particularly strong or even pungent, then this kind of mattress is generally inferior latex, most of which may contain formaldehyde. 2. Test sleep. This is actually very simple. The mattress is definitely for sleeping. When you buy it, you can try it in the physical store, and then you can experience whether it is comfortable to sleep, feel it with your hand, and put it on the mattress. Jump up and down a few times to check the elasticity of the mattress, and sit next to the mattress to see if it is sinking. 3. Ask the seller to buy a latex mattress and also ask whether the mattress is natural latex or synthetic latex, how much natural latex contains, whether there is a product manual, as well as the place of production and ingredients, these must be asked clearly, a good mattress The ingredients of the mattresses that are marked for cleaning and do not contain formaldehyde, generally have more natural ingredients, or use good synthetic latex, and the formaldehyde content is generally lower.
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