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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers teach you to choose spring mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-28
Foshan spring mattress manufacturers teach you to buy a spring mattress 'at a glance' to see whether the appearance of the mattress is even thick and thin, the surface is flat, and the lines are well-proportioned and beautiful. Branded mattresses should have a certificate for each mat). 'Second pressure' is to test the mattress by hand. First, test the diagonal pressure of the mattress (a qualified mattress requires a balanced and symmetrical diagonal pressure), and then evenly test the surface of the mattress. The filler is evenly distributed and rebounds. The quality of the force-balanced mattress is better, and consumers can lie on it and feel it for themselves. 'Three tones' is a measure to test the quality of mattress springs. Qualified springs have good elasticity under flapping, and have a slightly uniform spring sound. Rusted and inferior springs are not only poor in elasticity, they often emit 'creaking and creaking' under squeezing. 'the sound of.
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