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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you the disadvantages of latex mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-12
In our lives, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for the quality of life have also been further improved. Nowadays, in people's eyes, things related to sleep have become particularly important. As far as that mattress is concerned, it is an important choice for people to sleep. The latex mattress is a popular type of mattress in recent years. Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers are here to tell you the disadvantages of latex mattresses and the maintenance of latex mattresses: the disadvantages of latex mattresses The surface layer is easy to peel off and produce peculiar smell. The human body is in close contact with the mattress during sleep. The peculiar smell directly enters the human respiratory system, which is harmful to human health and violates the original intention of latex mattress to help human sleep. The second disadvantage of latex mattresses: The raw materials of latex mattresses are hard to come by. They are made of very precious natural latex. The cost is relatively high, so it is difficult to popularize. The third disadvantage of latex mattresses: Latex mattresses are easy to cause human allergies. According to surveys, at least 30% of people in the world have allergic reactions to latex. After allergies, they are prone to itching and even have small bumps, which are on the skin of the human body. The damage is great, and it is not easy for the human body to sleep. Latex mattress maintenance The first step of the maintenance of latex mattress: the convenience of latex pillows is that they can be washed. Natural latex pillows are easy to clean by hand. Try not to put them in the washing machine or other machines for washing. Latex is very soft and easy to be smashed. The second step of the maintenance of latex mattress: When washing by hand, squeeze it. Since the product absorbs a lot of water when washing, the weight doubles. When taking out the water, do not grab a small corner part and pull it up. The pillow will tear if it absorbs too much water. It must be like tofu. Hold the center of gravity and most of the volume and take it out carefully. water surface. The third step of the maintenance of latex mattress: After washing, use a dry towel or other water-absorbing material to press dry with your hands to avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight. If you want to speed up the drying time, after hanging, it is recommended to squeeze the bottom with your hands every 2-3 hours to drain the excess water and blow it with an electric fan. From this we can find the advantages and disadvantages of latex mattresses. When we plan to buy mattresses, we must conduct a comprehensive assessment of latex mattresses. Especially for the maintenance of latex mattresses, pay more attention. Only in this way can we guarantee that we can buy a latex mattress with higher cost performance and better quality.
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