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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers teach you what to pay attention to when choosing a mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-08
A good mattress is a mattress that allows us to fall to sleep until dawn, and a mattress that allows us to enjoy pure sleep. There are many types of mattresses on the market. How should we choose the mattress that suits us? Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers teach you a few standards. 1. Material: mattress fabric, filler, spring. 2. Soft and hard: neither soft nor hard, suitable for most people. 3. Rebound: fast rebound, moderate soft and hard. 4. Anti-mite and insect-proof: good ventilation, can prevent mites and insects. Next, I will explain what kind of mattress is worth buying from the four dimensions of material, hardness, rebound, anti-mite and anti-insect. 1. The material of the mattress. From the perspective of purchase, the mattress consists of three layers: a surface layer, a support layer, and a comfortable filling layer. 1) The surface layer is the fabric layer of the mattress, and the selection criterion is safety and comfort. The ordinary mattress fabric is made of chemical fiber fabric, which is low-priced and low-quality. At present, most mid-range mattresses use knitted fabrics, which are comfortable to the touch, cost-effective, and have a wide variety of types. For home mattresses, knitted fabrics are fine. 2) The support layer is an important factor that determines the comfort of the mattress. Two important factors that determine the quality of the supporting layer are comfort and anti-interference performance. The support layer of the mattress is divided into two types: the whole net spring and the independent cylindrical spring. The whole net spring is to expand a single spring into a whole, one surface. This kind of spring system moves the whole body as soon as it is pulled, and when one place is compressed, the nearby springs will pull each other. It is easy to happen, when one side turns over and the other side is awakened. The independent cylinder spring allows each spring body to expand and contract independently, operate independently and bear the weight, and has strong anti-interference ability. When two people sleep, one turns over and gets up without disturbing the other. 3) The spring is responsible for the supporting force of the mattress, and the comfort depends on the filler. Therefore, the filling layer is an important layer that determines the comfort and softness of the mattress. It is also a very technical part. It is recommended to find out the characteristics of latex, sponge and other fillers, as well as your own sleeping habits and physical characteristics to choose. Summary: A good latex mattress should have the following points: independent cylinder springs; comfortable and safe fillings, with high-quality sponge and latex as the best choice; comfortable and safe surface. 2. The soft and hard mattresses are also a process of body relaxation during sleep. Due to the existence of the human body curve, it is impossible for the whole body to be on the same plane regardless of whether it is lying on the back or sleeping on the side. Therefore, a mattress of moderate hardness is needed to form an effective support for the human body. Mattresses are not as hard as possible, nor are they as soft as possible. If the mattress is too soft, the human body will sink too much because of the uneven weight distribution, and the spine cannot maintain the natural curvature, which will be very uncomfortable. The mattress is too hard, and the body fits poorly, and cannot effectively support the whole body. Too hard and too soft should not be the goal of our choice. A mattress with moderate hardness is suitable for all people. 3. The resilience of the mattress The resilience of the mattress has a certain relationship with the spring and the filling of the mattress. The support of high-carbon steel spring imported from Germany is very good. 4. Preventing insects and mites. I have seen the scene of changing the mattress at a relative's house with my own eyes: the mattress looks very neat on the surface, and basically does not collapse. When I opened the zipper, I saw a brown-yellow brown board. At first glance, there was no debris inside, and it was quite clean. but! After placing the mite detector close to the brown board, with the help of a 400,000-fold magnification detector, people can see a creepy scene! There are dense numbers of mites squirming in the mattress, and the mites crawl in and out, leisurely and contentedly. Unexpectedly, the mites are so close to us. In addition to some tools and methods for removing mites, it is also very necessary to choose a latex mattress that can prevent insects and mites! Why can latex mattresses eliminate mites? This is a question that many people are curious about. 1. The nature of latex itself The oak protein in latex can inhibit the latent bacteria and allergens. Can inhibit the breeding of germs and mites. Latex mattress refers to the rubber tree sap collected from the rubber tree. It is produced by using exquisite technology and modern equipment and technology to mold, foam, gel, vulcanize, wash, dry, shape, and package. . Therefore, the anti-mite and insect-proof effect is good. 2. The breathable and non-sultry microcellular foaming technology makes latex more breathable. I have listed 4 directions for you to consider when choosing a mattress, hoping to help you make the right purchase decision. Finally, I am here to give everyone a mousse of this sleeping elf mattress, a trinity clean and deep sleep system, three centimeters of natural latex, with a latex content of up to 80%, more comfortable and breathable, 3 layers of cloud cushions, independent support, high resilience! 3 levels of anti-mite, no need to worry about mites, even if there are children at home, you can use it with confidence.
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