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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers teach you how to remedy the mattress is too soft

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-10
After a hard day’s work, it’s a very happy thing to get a good night’s sleep, but if your bed is uncomfortable, it will not only affect your sleep but also affect your health. Sleeping on a too soft bed is very good. It's uncomfortable, but if you have already bought a soft mattress, how can you remedy it? Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers teach you a coup! 01 Remove the platoon frame of the bed. If your bed is a platoon frame, you can try to remove the platoon frame and replace it with a flat plate. Because the frame bed has a certain degree of elasticity, it is a little softer than the ordinary flat bed. Therefore, removing the platoon frame and changing it to a normal flat bed board will harden the bed, which can improve the problem that the mattress feels too soft to sleep. 02 Putting a triangular cardboard soft bed on the waist is uncomfortable. It is probably because the waist does not get enough support and it is recessed downwards. Therefore, a hard triangular plank can be placed on the waist to increase waist support, which can alleviate the problem of too soft mattress. 03 Adding a thin palm mat on the mattress can also add a layer of palm mat on it, the palm mat is too hard, which can solve the problem of being too soft. It is best to buy a better quality mat. Inferior mats may contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Natural mats can also calm the nerves and protect the spine. 04 Adding a summer mat on the mattress can also take out the mat used in summer and spread it on the soft cushion. It is the kind that is rolled up like a pillar and made of a whole piece of bamboo board threaded. In summer, you can put it on the bed directly to increase the hardness of the mattress. Worry about being too cold in winter, you can spread sheets and bedding on the summer mat, which is very flexible. Multi-purpose, affordable and simple. 05The wooden mat is under the soft mat. If there are no other props or mats at home, and you don’t want to buy a new mat, you can directly find the wooden mat that matches the bed and place it under the soft mat. This can also solve the problem that the mat is too soft problem. In order to avoid buying the wrong mattress, it is important to choose a good brand, because the staff of a good mattress brand are professionally trained. Not only will they recommend a more suitable mattress, but they will also share more knowledge about sleep. And the maintenance of the mattress, so that customers can buy happily and use them comfortably.
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