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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturer tells the difference between children's mattresses and adult mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-10
Children and adults must have different clothes. In addition to daily necessities, even our bedding is also different. For example, mattresses are used by adults and children’s mattresses for children. They have What's the difference? Next, the Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturer will explain it to you. Children’s mattresses refer to the scientifically based on the characteristics of children’s bone development, aiming at the continuous growth of children’s 'S' spine, which is divided into four growths: 1-5-7 years old, 8-10 years old, 11-13 years old, and 14-18 years old. Effective support during the stage, which can effectively assist and correct children's fast-growing and easily deformed spine during the growth period. It is a mattress suitable for children's growth needs. Adult mattresses do not have so many requirements. Lying on the mattress can ensure the physiological verticality of the spine, good elasticity, and comfortable sleep. How to choose a suitable children's mattress from many businesses? 1. Don't make a purchase decision just because you are interested in the style of a certain mattress. Environmental protection, comfort, and ventilation are the primary criteria to consider when changing a mattress. In addition, choose well-known brands. Most branded mattresses are strong and durable, can meet environmental protection standards, and will not affect health due to excessive harmful gases. Second, let the child try to lie down in person. Lying here is not lying on the back, but letting the child lie down in the usual sleeping position. Only lie down in a habitual sleeping position and look for a mattress that can provide enough support for the child's shoulders, waist and hips and keep the child's spine at the same level. You can ask the child how comfortable it is. Third, for the hardness of children's mattresses, neither too soft nor too hard. Mattresses that are too soft are comfortable to sleep, but they tend to fall, making it difficult to turn over. Mattresses that are too hard cannot properly support various parts of the body. Instead, they will cause more serious chronic damage to the spine, especially for developing children. Damage to the spine not only affects the length and appearance of the body, but also affects the development of internal organs. Special attention should be paid to this point. Ensure that children’s mattresses use pure cotton fabrics. The internal glue used as the adhesive of children’s mattresses must also use environmentally friendly glue to protect the healthy growth of children. When buying, try to buy products from well-known manufacturers. In addition, the difference between children's mattresses and adult mattresses is the replacement cycle. Children's mattresses should be replaced every 3 to 5 years.
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