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Foshan mattress manufacturers tell you which mattress is good for the waist

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-23
The normal physiological structure of the human spine presents an S-shaped physiological curve from the side. If you sleep on a board bed that is too hard, it cannot match the normal curve of the human spine, and the waist cannot be supported. After a long time, it is easy to cause strain, aggravate back pain, etc. symptom. Sleeping on a hard bed requires only a few points on the head, back, buttocks, and heels to withstand the pressure. The spine will be in a state of stiffness and tension, requiring the support of the back muscles, and the relaxation effect it should have during sleep cannot be achieved. Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales tell you which mattress is good for the waist! Normal spine 1. The mattress is too soft and the back pain is too soft. If you lie on it, the spine will bend and you will feel back pain in the short term. In the long term, it will also cause the middle of the body to sink, the upper muscles of the body are loose, the lower muscles are tightened, it is easy to cause psoas muscle and bone strain, and even cause the spine to bend or twist! Therefore, sleeping on a hardboard does not mean directly sleeping on a hardboard Instead, a 3~5 cm soft cushion should be placed on the bed, that is, a bed with a soft top and a hardwood board at the bottom, so that it conforms to the normal curve of the human spine. How to choose the right mattress? It is not soft or hard, and it is appropriate to have enough support. In fact, this principle is not complicated. To reduce low back pain, it is necessary to keep the lumbar spine in a natural position as much as possible, that is, to avoid distortion. The normal physiological curve of the human spine is S-shaped, and a bed that is too soft or too hard will cause distortion of the lumbar spine. That is to avoid the two extremes of sponge, sofa cushion or hard bed board, and choose a mattress with moderate hardness. 2. Teach you a way to lie flat on the mattress, stretch your hands to the three obvious bends between the neck, waist and hips to the thighs, and see if there is any gap; then turn over to one side, In the same way, try to see if there is a gap between the concave part of the body curve and the mattress. If the hand can be easily inserted in the gap, it means that the bed is too hard. If the palm of the hand is close to the gap, it proves that the mattress fits closely with the natural curves of the neck, back, waist, buttocks and legs during sleep.
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