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Foshan mattress manufacturers tell you what kind of mattress is good

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-20
There are currently four main types of mattresses on the market, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, palm mattresses, and memory foam mattresses, among which spring mattresses occupy a high market share. Elasticity is divided into whole network elasticity and independent elasticity. The former is harder, and the latter is softer and can be divided. Latex generally refers to natural latex, which has high purity and good quality, and the content is above 95%. Palm includes coconut, hemp, and mountain. There are three types of palms, among which coconut and pockmark are expensive, and mountain palm is expensive. Also known as space zero pressure and slow rebound memory foam, it has good close-fitting performance and slightly poorer air permeability. In addition, there is mattress cloth. There are also several types of fabrics: knitted fabrics, 3D fabrics, brocade fabrics, and tencel fabrics. Among them, knitted fabrics are very commonly used, with good air permeability and feel; 3D fabrics are very breathable and comfortable to sleep in summer; Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturer told Your brocade and tencel cloth can also be breathable and used on the reverse side of the mattress. Nowadays, the fabrics are basically environmentally friendly. As for many of them, what kind of imported, what wool, what plant fiber, and the packaging components are relatively large, in fact, it is useless. Just pay attention to the weight of the fabric, which is high in weight and wear-resistant and feels better good. Now we talk about mattresses. Both full-net spring mattresses and palm mattresses are harder and suitable for the elderly and children; independent spring mattresses and latex mattresses are softer and suitable for adults; memory foam pads are softer and suitable for adults. , It is not recommended to use in summer. Note that one thing about mattresses is very particular, that is, it depends on the material combination of the mattress. For example, the mattress material from top to bottom is: latex-independent spring-palm, its upper part is softer, and the lower part is harder; such as the material The arrangement is: latex-whole mesh spring-palm, its upper part is moderately soft and hard, and the lower part is hard. Generally speaking, the softness and hardness of the material on the top layer is closely related to the performance of the material.
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