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Foshan mattress manufacturers tell you the size of the bedding kit

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-24
The size of the bedding package depends on the size of the bed. Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales will tell you. 1. If your bed is 1*1.9 meters, the suitable size for you is: quilt cover 150*210, bed cloth 180*230, mattress cover 102*193*30 pillowcase are generally 48*74 . 2. If your bed is 1.2*2.0 meters, the suitable size for you is: quilt cover 150*210 or 180*210, bed cloth 180*230 or 200*240, mattress cover 122*203*30 3. If your bed is 1.5*2.0 meters, then your suitable size is: quilt cover 200*230 or 210*230, bed cloth 230*250, mattress cover 152*203*30. 4. If you The bed is 1.8*2.0 meters, then the size you are suitable for is: quilt cover 200*230 or 210*230 or 250*230, bed cloth 230*250 or 260*260, mattress cover 182*202*30. 5 If your bed is 200*200 or 180*220, then the size that you are suitable for is: quilt cover 250*230, bed cloth 26*260 or 275*260, mattress cover 203*203*30. Attachment: In general, the choice of bedding is based on the size of your own quilt. It should be matched with the quilt. Generally, the size of the quilt cover is not more than 10 cm, and it can be used universally. The size of the bed cloth is relatively not so strict. You can choose according to the height and size of your bed, and how much you expect to sag. Generally speaking, mattress covers are exactly the same size as the bed. Pillow covers are generally 48*74 cm, which is the size of most manufacturers.
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