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Foshan mattress manufacturers introduce latex mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-18
Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales introduction Latex mattress Latex is a natural material derived from rubber tree sap. They are extremely precious, because each rubber tree can only produce 30cc latex juice every day. It takes at least 24 hours to complete a latex product, which is a very time-consuming and precious material. Molded by evaporation, it has countless pores, good air permeability, and because the surface of the pores is smooth, so mites cannot be attached, and the latex juice has a very important feature that it emits fragrance that makes many mosquitoes unsafe Willing to be close. Good elasticity, no deformation, washable and durable. It is a good material for health; the small disadvantage is that it cannot be exposed to the sun, ultraviolet rays will change the latex material to powder, but it is a very environmentally friendly material when discarded. They are also the raw materials of rubber products that we often come into contact with in our lives (such as sponge puffs, surgical gloves, etc.). But because of the amount of material and the exquisiteness of the craft, the essential difference between latex products and rubber products is determined. Two major characteristics of latex 1. Anti-mite and anti-bacteria According to medical reports, pillows, beddings, and bedding are breeding grounds for bacteria and dust mites. Pillows contain 10% of mold, mites and feces after three years of use. The corpse of the mite. According to medical data, 12% to 16% of people have allergies, and 25% of these patients are allergies caused by household dust; in addition, up to 90% of asthma patients are caused by household dust , From this we can see the degree of harm to humans from the dust. Because the oak protein in latex can inhibit the latent bacteria and allergens. It meets the requirements of environmental protection, can inhibit the breeding of germs and mites, has no static electricity, and emits natural milk fragrance. It will benefit people who suffer from asthma, allergic rhinitis and other respiratory system diseases. 2. Breathable natural latex pillows have thousands of vent holes with a fine mesh structure. These holes can discharge waste heat and moisture discharged from the human body, promote natural ventilation, provide a good natural air conditioning system, and keep the air in the pillow fresh and healthy. It can maintain a comfortable feeling every season. The benefits of latex mattress 1. The latex extracted from natural rubber latex produced by rubber trees must not be adulterated with any artificial foam ingredients. It is a natural latex product. 2. The harmlessness to the human body has long been known, but on the contrary, it has the effect of promoting sleep. The weight of the head is evenly absorbed and covered to achieve full support, so that you can fall asleep comfortably. 3. Good air permeability. A large number of convection vents can quickly dissipate heat and keep fresh and smooth. 4. Anti-mite and anti-bacterial, prevent allergies, latex itself has anti-bacterial and dust-proof effects, which can prevent the growth of bacteria. Moreover, it has a certain preventive effect on diseases such as skin and nose allergies and bronchitis. 5. The natural latex pillow formed by the special process of Taralay foam is durable, strong in resilience, and the shape remains long-lasting without deformation. 6. It is easy to clean, does not attract dust, and the fine hair is easy to be cleaned by hand or machine (washing machine), as long as it is dried with an electric fan after dehydration, or dried in an oven, it will never be deformed and will be kept clean forever. It is strictly forbidden to expose to the sun to prevent ultraviolet rays from affecting its service life. 7. Does not contain toxic substances. Latex is harmless to the human body. Does not contain toxins. Even in the case of overheating or burning, it will not produce toxic substances. Natural and environmentally friendly, there is no pollution. After more than ten years of use, natural latex products can decompose by themselves and return to nature without environmental pollution. Disadvantages of latex mattress 1. Latex itself cannot prevent the oxidation process, especially when exposed to ultraviolet rays, the oxidation process is faster. 2. Real latex cannot be formed. The purity of latex rubber in the so-called natural latex is only 20%-40%, most of which are proteins and sugars. Latex must be added with alkalis to extend the storage time. 3. However, latex rubber has an allergenic effect, and about 8% of people will be allergic to latex.
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