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Foshan mattress manufacturers distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of selling mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-25
How to choose a mattress? What kind of mattress can people get a real rest and get a good night's sleep? Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales are here to tell you. Everyone has their own habits and requirements for the softness and hardness of mattresses. Chinese consumers prefer harder mattresses, while Western consumers prefer softer mattresses. What is the appropriate hardness of the mattress? It is scientifically proven that soft mattresses will reduce the support of the spine, and the comfort of hard mattresses is not enough, so a mattress that is too hard or too soft is not good for healthy sleep. The softness of the mattress directly affects the quality of sleep. Compared with the harder plank mattress and the softer sponge bed, the spring mattress with moderate hardness is more conducive to getting a good sleep. A flexible mattress is very important to the comfort of the human body and the quality of sleep. The spring mattress has a more uniform and reasonable distribution of body support, which can not only play a sufficient supporting role, but also ensure a reasonable spine physiological curvature; using a spring mattress to sleep more peacefully, improve overall sleep efficiency, and wake up the body Comfort and mental state are better. Using a spring mattress can get a higher quality sleep than using a wooden or foam mattress. It is a misunderstanding of people to choose an excellent mattress. This kind of mattress will damage the health of consumers. Studies have shown that when people sleep on a hard cushion, the blood circulation on the back is interrupted and deformed, so the quality of the entire sleep is reduced. When you wake up, you feel stiff, irritable, and painful in various parts of your body. Of course, a too soft mattress is not good for your health. When you lie down, your whole body is sunken in the mattress, and your spine is bent for a long time, which is also uncomfortable. To determine the pros and cons of a mattress, we must first see whether it can make a person relax and rest: lie down on the bed abruptly, shake the body, lie on the back for two minutes, consciously slow down the movement of the body, turn around and lie on the side. When lying down, stretch your hands to the three obvious bends between the neck, waist and hips to the thighs to see if there is any gap; then turn to the side and try the body curve in the same way. Is there any gap between the protruding part and the mattress; if there is none, it proves that the mattress fits closely with the natural curves of the neck, back, waist, buttocks, and legs during sleep. Such a mattress can be said to be soft and hard Moderate.
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