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Foshan mattress manufacturer's choice of student mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-17
When students enter a new campus and start a new campus life, how to choose the most suitable dormitory mattress. Facing busy study, students want to rest as soon as the quiet night comes. They sleep with themselves on pillows and mattresses, just like 'friends and classmatesFriends can't choose at will. How to choose the pillow and mattress that suits you? Can you make yourself sleep better in the dorm?   Not only pursue the beautiful, but only pursue the suitable. Choose the one that suits you. The cervical spine is at the neck of the spine, and a total of 7 pieces surround the cervical spinal cord and its spinal membrane. The intervertebral discs are connected to the ligaments, forming a lordotic physiological curve. The spine has its own physiological curve. There are four physiological tunes: first tune, chest flexion, lumbar flexion, and sacral flexion. Students choosing pillows and mattresses must also suit our physiology.   Choosing a pillow 1. Meet the physiological requirements: lying on your back, in order to keep the curvature of the neck, the side of the pillow should maintain the curvature. The height of the pillow should match the individual's shoulder width. When lying on your back, the height of the pillow is about 1 punch. When lying on your side, the height of the pillow must be 1 punch and 2 fingers. 2 Height: The pillow is better than the distance between the shoulder and the neck on the same side. The height of the pillow is determined according to the physiological curve of the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck of the human body. As long as it adapts to this physiological curve, the muscles, ligaments, and joints of the shoulder and neck can be relaxed. Too high or too low a pillow is bad for health.  3. Length and width: a longer pillow is better. Please allow the length of the pillow to turn to the back position. The width of the pillow will not be too wide. If the width is too wide, it will exceed the joints of the head and neck and the muscles will tend to tense, so try to be 15~500px.  4. Softness and hardness: the pillow is moderately soft and firm, and it should be a little elastic. If the hardness of the pillow is too high, the relative pressure between the head and neck and the pillow will increase, causing discomfort to the head. If the pillow is soft, it will be difficult to maintain a normal height, and the head and neck will not receive a certain amount of support, and it will be very tired.  Second, choose a mattress    1. Comfort is very important: a mattress that is too hard will make the spine stiff and in a state of non-relaxation, making the spine unable to rest and relax the muscles. A soft mattress makes it easy to dent the whole body when lying down, the curvature of the normal spine of the human body changes, and the spine is bent or twisted. Sleeping on such a mattress for a long time will increase the burden on the spine and damage the health. Therefore, students choose moderately soft and hard mattresses, and medium-soft mattresses are better. 2. Everyone's habits are different, and you should choose and fit your own mattress according to your own external conditions and other habits. If you like to lie on your side, try using a soft mattress to support the rest of your body. When you are accustomed to lying on your back, you can choose a slightly harder mattress, which mainly provides better support for the neck and waist. People who have the habit of lying down should choose a hard mattress. 3 People who resist mites are healthier: the problem of mites directly affects our health. We often air and pat the mattress to remove mites. A thick mattress cannot be moved by one person, and it is impossible to always sunbathe. I need to choose a mattress that is difficult for mites to multiply. 4. The spine is a very important existence for humans. Students are very busy with their studies and need a healthy spine even more. Choose a suitable sleeping mattress that can protect your spine, and you can spend campus life comfortably.  The garden-like campus is colorful, with one tree as grass and one flower as a tree, making it look more vivid. The warm and romantic dormitory, a few like-minded students, and sincere and precious feelings constitute a precious home in our school life. In the quiet night, we gradually entered the world of dreams. It was a sweet dream close to a slow ruler, starting from choosing a pillow and mattress that suits you.
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