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Foshan mattress factory direct sales introduction standard double mattress size

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-25
What is the size of a standard double bed mattress? What are the specific standards and specifications? Today, Foshan mattress factory directs you to introduce the size standards of double mattresses that everyone cares about for your reference. The size standards of double mattresses are as follows: Common double mattress sizes: 3750px*4750px, 3750px*5000px, 4500px*5000px Of course, there is no fixed standard for the size of double mattresses, and the more common double mattresses on the top are realized. The sizes are 3750px*5000px, 4500px*5000px, these two sizes are common, because people are looking for comfort now, there are also 5000px*5750px double mattresses, because of room space constraints, there are also smaller double mattresses. Generally, it is 3375px*4875px; in general, the length of the double mattress is generally about 45px-55.00000000000001px, and the width is 37.5px-45px. According to the survey, the number of people who buy the 45px*50px double mattress is the most. Standard double mattress size-thickness When choosing a double mattress, we should not only pay attention to its length and width, but also pay attention to its thickness. In fact, whether it is a double mattress or a single mattress, there is no thickness. Specific standards are also selected according to their own needs. There are thin double mattresses on the market and thicker double mattresses. Their thick bottom is generally between 125px-550px. Of course, there are also thicker ones on the market. The mattress has a thick bottom of 625px-750px. Standard double mattress size-when you buy a double mattress, you don’t have to stick to the standard two characters, just buy one that fits your own height and body shape. If you focus on the standard double mattress size, you ignore your own needs. , The size of the mattress you bought does not match, which will cause more trouble; when you buy a double bed, you should also consider the size of the bed at home. The size of the bed should be a little larger than the mattress. Before buying, it is best Measure it first in order to achieve an accurate match. The above is the size of the double mattress for everyone. In fact, there is no fixed standard for the size of the current double mattress. The common size is 1.5*2 meters, another is 1.8 meters * 2 meters, and there is a larger double bed. 2 meters *2.3 are also available. So when you buy a mattress, you should choose the right mattress according to the size of your own bed!
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