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Foshan mattress factory direct sales introduce what to pay attention to when choosing a mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-24
What should you pay attention to when choosing a mattress? The following Foshan mattress factory direct sales tell you. 1. Mattresses are not as expensive as possible. Misunderstanding: Most mattresses use springs, foams, latex and natural materials. Different materials have their own strengths in terms of hardness, endurance and air permeability. Some people think that when choosing a mattress, it must be 'the more expensive the better.' Positive answer: The better the material, the more expensive the mattress. Everyone's age and body type are different. It is not luxurious or expensive, but the one that suits you is important. When choosing a mattress, you can lie down and feel it. A good mattress is to ensure that all parts of the person have reasonable support after lying down, fit the body curve, maintain the natural state of the spine, and relax the whole body to enjoy To deep sleep. 2. Mattress should be soft and hard. Misunderstanding: the harder the mattress, the better, or the softer the better. The elderly always say that the harder the mattress, the more comfortable it is to sleep, and many products on the market feature soft brands. Is the mattress the harder the better, or the softer the better? Positive solution: The hardness of the mattress is one point that consumers need to pay attention to when choosing a mattress. The ideal mattress should be moderately firm and can perfectly support every part of your body. It can support every part of the body evenly according to the body curve and weight. Sleeping on an unsuitable mattress for a long time will affect the health of the spine. Many people suffer from backaches due to not choosing the right mattress. A bed that is too soft or too hard will destroy the natural physiological curvature of the spine. 3. Avoid the misunderstanding of the pollution of fabrics and fillers: Many consumers take it for granted that mattresses are nothing more than fabrics, springs, sponges, etc., and there is no pollution problem. Even if there is pollution, it can be ignored. Positive solution: The problem of excessive formaldehyde in spring soft mattresses mostly occurs in the bedding. In order to save costs, manufacturers use fabrics and sponges with excessive formaldehyde as the bedding, and formaldehyde is easily decomposed.
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