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Foshan Mattress Factory-Choose foam mattress or spring mattress for crib

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-16
Like adult mattresses, is it better to choose foam mattresses or spring mattresses for crib mattresses? Foshan Mattress Factory will take you to compare these two models. 1. Sponge mattresses Sponge mattresses are not made of polyether, that is to say, made of polyester, which means that they will be much lighter than spring mattresses, but the very important problem is that the foam mattresses are very easy to break and will deform quickly. , But the sponge mattress is cost-effective. When choosing this kind of mattress, it is necessary to make it clear whether its relative density is high, but it does not mean that it is thick. If it depends on whether the sponge uses high-density raw materials. The high-density foam mattress will have better endurance and will last for many years. 2. Spring mattress spring yellow baby mattress will be more durable than foam mattress because it is on top of spring mattress, natural mattress will be heavier and the price will be higher than foam mattress, the number of spring yellow turns in the mattress is more More, at least 150 laps or more. Whether it is a sponge mattress or a spring mattress, there must be some exhaust holes next to it, which can discharge bad smells. Nowadays, the specification for baby carriages is generally 515/8'×271/4The overall width, for the selection of strollers and rocking blue mattresses, also pay attention to this problem. When you want your mattress to be moisture-proof, you can choose a mattress made of polyester fabric. No matter what kind of mattress you choose, make sure it is not easy to catch fire. Friends and family will give you the mattress they have tried. Although the surface looks very good, some second-hand mattresses are not fireproof and have been used for a long time. After that, the endurance is not enough, so it is better to buy a new mattress.
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