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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers tell you which mattress is the most environmentally friendly

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-13
Everyone needs to sleep, and the mattress is closely related to sleep. Among the many mattress products, the safety and environmental protection of the mattress are extremely important, not only related to the quality of sleep, but also related to human health. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, you must have a sufficient understanding of the environmental protection of the mattress. Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers will come to give you a detailed introduction.  Introduction to the characteristics of mattress material1. There are many types of mattress materials, and different materials have different standards on environmental protection issues. . For example, latex mattresses, natural latex has many benefits, antibacterial and mites, but there is one thing to know, pure latex can not be molded, only add a certain chemical composition before it can be used. There are also illegal businesses that add a large amount of undesirable chemicals for personal benefit, which also causes excessive formaldehyde and other standards. 2. Another example is a spring mattress. The main thing is the fabric and filling of the mattress. If such materials are not properly selected, excessive formaldehyde will occur. In order to save costs, some businesses will use inferior materials as fillings, which will cause great harm.   Zongdian mainly uses adhesives in the production process. Inferior adhesives will release formaldehyde and have a pungent odor. 3. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, you must pay attention to the environmental protection of the mattress material, so as not to buy a low-quality mattress that will have a bad effect on your health. A good mattress is not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also contributes to the improvement of sleep quality. Therefore, no matter from our daily work or physical health, it is very important to choose a good mattress. Below, we recommend an environmentally friendly mattress Dream Lily 0 pressure mattress that is good for sleep. Introduction of Dream Lily 0-Pressure Mattress   1. Comfortable throughout the year.    0-pressure mattress is an upgrade of traditional memory foam and a material developed by the patent of Dream Lily. It changes the shortcomings of traditional memory foam, it is soft and hard all year round, and comfortable.  Only when you feel comfortable lying on the mattress can you relax your body and go to sleep faster. When choosing a mattress, you might as well lie down on the mattress and try it yourself, and experience it yourself. 2. Deep decomposition of human body pressure adopts ergonomic design. Dreamy Baihe 0-pressure mattress fits the human body curve very well. When we lie on the mattress, the pressure of various parts of the body can be decomposed, so that there is no pressure concentration point. The feeling of comfort comes naturally, relax and enjoy quality sleep.  Three, safety and environmental protection  The safety and environmental protection of mattresses are extremely important, which is related to human health. All aspects of Mengbaihe 0-pressure mattress are strictly controlled, from raw materials to each process are strictly audited, and there is no chemical residue in the finished product.   It is precisely because of strict management that Dream Lily 0-pressure mattress can pass the high-standard audit certification of European and American standards. All in all, healthy materials are the foundation of sleep, so that we can sleep on it and enjoy sleep at ease. . When buying and choosing a mattress, its safety and environmental protection must be paid enough attention. When we understand the materials and related manufacturing processes of various mattresses, we will have a certain understanding of whether it is safe and environmentally friendly. Good sleep is the foundation of our body. A safe, environmentally friendly and good sleep mattress is the guarantee for our good sleep and healthy body.
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