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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers tell you what material to buy mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-14
If we want to have a good sleep, we must have a good mattress. So how do we choose the brand of the mattress? At present, there are so many brands in our market, which brings us the trouble of purchasing. Here, if we want to buy a good mattress, what material should we buy from its mattress? What are the mattress purchase techniques? Then let the Foshan hotel mattress manufacturer introduce to you. Mattress purchase tips 1. What material is good for the mattress? 1. What material is good for the mattress. Spring mattresses are the first type of mattresses in China. This type of mattresses are mainly impermeable springs. The main material is used to connect different springs to form a spring bed net, and then fills or spacers are added to make a spring mattress. Advantages of spring mattresses: Because the core is composed of springs, the spring mattresses have the advantages of good elasticity, better support, strong air permeability, and durability. Disadvantages of spring mattresses: spring mattresses are generally hard, and if used for a long time, mattresses with poor quality will sag. 2. What material is good for the mattress? Latex mattresses are mainly made of latex. Advantages of latex mattresses: latex mattresses made of latex have high elasticity, can evenly disperse the body's weight bearing capacity, and have the function of correcting poor sleeping positions. The latex mattress has good air permeability, and the natural gas it emits has the effect of repelling mosquitoes. Disadvantages of latex mattresses: latex mattresses are easy to oxidize due to sun exposure. 3. What kind of material is good for the mattress? Coconut palm mattresses are mainly made of the silk from the coconut tree or the hemp silk from the palm tree as the main raw material. Advantages of coconut palm mattress: air permeability is better than latex mattress, the price is cheaper. Disadvantages of coconut palm mattresses: coconut palm mattresses have more inferior fillings, which are suitable for summer and have a shorter use time. Second, the purchase skills of mattresses 1. We choose the quality of the mat from the product identification: whether the mat is a palm mat, a spring soft cushion, or a cotton mat, the product identification has a product name, a registered trademark, and a manufacturing company Name, factory address, telephone number, and some also have proof of conformity in the promise card. Most of the mats sold on the market without the factory name, factory address and registered trademark are fake and inferior products of inferior quality and low price. 2. We choose the quality of the mat from the fabric workmanship: the joints of the excellent mat are tight and tight, no significant wrinkles, no floating lines or jumpers; seam edges and four corners are well-proportioned, no burrs are exposed, and the dental floss is straight. When the cushion is pressed heavily by hand, there is no internal conflict, and the hand feels firm and comfortable. Indifferent cushion fabrics are usually quilted with different elasticity, such as floating threads, jumpers, seam edges, four-corner arcs, and dental floss are not straight. 3. We choose from the internal data to see whether the spring cushion is good or bad: the number of springs used in the spring cushion and the size of the wire diameter determine the softness and hardness of the spring cushion. Pressing the surface of the spring cushion with bare hands, such as the sound of the spring, indicates that the spring has a quality problem. Here, Jiuzheng Home Furnishing.com reminds you that if you find that the spring is rusty, the inner liner is a shabby sack or the flocculent fiber product opened with industrial scraps, the spring soft cushion is a defective product.
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