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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers tell you what is so good about natural latex mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-25
With the improvement of people's economic level, more and more people pay attention to their quality of life and sleep quality. Latex mattresses are environmentally friendly, fashionable and comfortable. Gradually, the mattress is made of imported natural latex from Malaysia. It is a leader in the latex soft bed industry. Today, the Foshan hotel mattress manufacturer will tell you what are the advantages of choosing a latex mattress? 1. The strong air latex mattress is formed by evaporation molding, and it has countless pores. The open latex porous airbag structure has tens of thousands of internally connected vents per cubic inch, allowing air to circulate freely in the mattress. , It can disperse the heat and sweat generated by the contact between the skin and the mattress during sleep, and keep the body comfortable and dry during sleep. 2. The ultra-quiet natural latex mattress can absorb the noise and vibration caused by turning over during sleep, so that the sleeping partner is not disturbed, and can effectively reduce the number of turning over, and sleep more peacefully and sweetly. High-elastic latex mattresses have good elasticity, strong resilience, durable and wear-resistant and not easy to deform. High-quality latex mattresses can meet the needs of people of different weights, disperse the weight of the human body, and adjust poor sleeping positions. The second is that latex mattresses have good support, soft and comfortable, can better support the weight of the human body, fit the curve of the human back, and provide good support. 3. Sterilization and anti-mite latex has a special molecular structure, which has good comfort, air permeability, mildew resistance, dust mite prevention, and inhibition of the breeding of bacteria and parasites; latex mattresses themselves will emit a certain smell, as well as mosquito repellent. effect. The inner cover of the latex mattress can be removed and washed. The latex is light and porous, breathable and water-permeable. It can be hand-washed and placed in a cool place to dry naturally or with an electric fan. Do not expose it to the sun. Natural latex products do not contain toxic substances. As a raw material for medical science, they are harmless to the human body. Even when overheated or burned, they will not produce toxic substances and are environmentally friendly and easy to degrade. With its unique design culture, good craftsmanship and the use of good materials in the market, latex mattress has become a Chinese upholstered furniture brand! Always stay at the forefront of the times, use design to change the lives of Chinese people, and use scientific technology and pure natural materials to create healthy sleep for Chinese people. This is our mission!
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