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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers tell you that these five sleep problems must not be ignored!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-13
Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers are here to tell you that these five sleep problems must not be ignored! 0 1 Will sleeping position affect human health? In China, 41% of people choose to sleep on their side. Some abnormal sleeping postures can easily increase the burden on the heart, and long-term unreasonable sleeping postures can also easily cause spine deformation and make the body muscles unable to relax. Under normal circumstances, as long as the sleeping posture does not affect the comfort of the body, there is no discomfort, and the sleeping posture that does not affect normal rest is reasonable. However, special attention should be paid to the sleeping posture of the following special groups: people with snoring and respiratory diseases should not lie on their backs. People with heart disease, high blood pressure, and cerebral thrombosis should not lie on their stomachs. People with stomach disease, acute liver disease, and gallstones should not lie on the left side. Patients with emphysema should not lie on the right side. For users who can snore while sleeping, MPE AI sleep aid bed can distinguish and recognize different snoring sounds, and according to the decibel and frequency of the snoring person’s snoring sound, it sends out 'commands' to the smart bed, and slightly raises the head, which can reduce it by more than 80%. Snoring time. Not only to help snorers solve the troubles of snoring, but also to regain a quiet sleep environment for those who are troubled by snoring. 0 2 Is sleeping on a hard bed good for teenagers? I often hear from the elderly at home that sleeping on a hard bed is good for the body. Is it good for teenagers to sleep on rigid beds? The human spine has four degrees of flexion, cervical spine flexion, thoracic spine flexion, lumbar spine flexion, and sacrococcygeal posterior flexion. Adolescents in the developmental stage sleep on hard board beds for a long time, and many sleep with flat heads and flat bottoms... But too soft mattresses will cause abnormal curvature of the spine, and lighter ones will change the normal physiological curve and lose their natural body shape. Healthy beauty. In severe cases, deformities such as off-shoulder and hunched back may be formed, and even the development of internal organs may be affected. Adolescents’ bodies are in a period of rapid growth, and the comfort of bedding affects their spinal development. 0 3 What should I do about stiff neck, snoring, drooling? Many people have the above problems when they sleep. In fact, it is very likely that your body 'protests' because your pillow is not suitable for you! The pillow can’t be high or low, or soft or hard. Which one should I choose? MPE pure latex pillow, moderate height, moderate hardness, fits closely to the neck, giving you visible comfort. Appropriate softness, hardness and elasticity give perfect support to the neck, release the pressure on the shoulder and neck, and sleep easily all night. 0 4 Can exercise improve sleep? Exercise does help to improve sleep. Different groups of people need different exercise methods to improve sleep, but try to choose more soothing exercises. Most people will choose walking, aerobics and other exercises to promote night sleep. 0 5How to improve the sleep problems of middle-aged and elderly women? Due to the decline in estrogen levels, middle-aged and elderly women will experience symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats, which often lead to waking up at night, which seriously affects the quality of sleep. The sleeping environment is particularly important. First, you should maintain a refreshing and comfortable sleeping environment, and secondly, you should choose comfortable bedding. The MPE AI sleep aid bed has a built-in high-speed chip, which will affect the temperature, sound, light, bedding and other equipment that affect the quality of sleep. According to user data, it will be matched, analyzed, and adjusted to improve the sleep environment, extend the time of deep sleep, and enhance the quality of sleep. In modern society, people pursue a quality life, and the fundamental of a quality life is to have healthy, feverish sleep. Therefore, once there is a problem with sleep, regardless of age, it needs to be adjusted and improved in time!
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