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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers tell you that compressed mattresses are really practical?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-24
Recently, compressed mattresses have become a hot word. Many salespersons said that since compressed mattresses became popular, many people would ask if they bought mattresses: Can they be rolled up? It is understood that compressed roll mattresses have been selling well abroad for many years, and they have aroused consumers' interest after being listed in China in recent years. Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers are here to tell you whether compressed mattresses are really practical? According to industry insiders, compressed roll mattresses are fast-moving consumer goods in the West, and the price is not high. They are low-end mattresses, so many people replace them more frequently. He said that due to the lack of support for each part of this type of mattress, which is not in line with the habits of Asians, domestic sales have never been up. It is understood that many compressed roll mattresses attract consumers under the banner of portability. For Loft users with small homes or narrow stairs, the way to 'roll' into the home is really convenient. People in the industry said that this method of rolling into the house did save a lot of things. But it's difficult to get it out. 'This kind of mattress is rolled up by a professional packing machine in the factory, and it is difficult to roll it up completely with only one or two people. If it is moving or changing the mattress, the processing method is the same as that of ordinary mattresses, but second-hand The residual value will be very low.' The experience is not good. In order to be able to compress and roll up the mattress, the compressed roll mattress uses a relatively thin filling layer, and the edge of the mattress is also removed from the support spring for reinforcement. Therefore, in use, not only the mattress is excessively soft, but also due to uneven force, people are prone to slide down to the edge when lying on it, and the experience is poor. 'Roll package' is actually for the convenience of transportation. The industry insider told reporters that because the general mattress occupies a large area, the cost of transportation is high. The compressed roll mattress saves a lot of transportation costs for manufacturers and distributors, and the terminal price is also lowered, and the sales volume is relatively substantial. However, judging from the current domestic price of compressed rolled mattresses, it is far from achieving the goal of reducing the cost of buyers and sellers. Coupled with the poor experience, it is not recommended that consumers choose this type of mattress at this stage.
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