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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers tell how much people are willing to spend on mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-23
If 'eating' and 'sleeping' are two important things in a person's life, no one should have an opinion on it. People's material living conditions are getting better and better, and the economic industry related to 'eating' and 'sleeping' is thriving. Paying for good 'eat' is commonplace, and it is performed almost every day, but for 'sleepingFoshan hotel mattress manufacturers are here to tell. How much are you willing to pay for a mattress. More than half of the people who buy a mattress are not willing to invest too much. Those with a budget of less than 4,000 yuan accounted for 59%, but those with a budget of more than 8,000 also accounted for 11.5%, indicating high-end beds. The pad market should be able to occupy a large market share. What consumers pay attention to when choosing mattresses is obvious. Product quality ranks first. However, apart from “product quality”, which is obviously slightly higher, there is a small gap between performance, efficiency, price, and brand awareness. It can be said that they are all elements that consumers are more concerned about. The softness and bearing pressure of the mattress are the most important performance. The results show that the mattress performance that consumers generally pay attention to is the softness and hardness, followed by the bearing pressure and air permeability, and the third is the anti-mildew, insect and environmental protection. The performance of the mattress largely depends on the material it is used in, and the choice of the type of mattress is the key. Spring mattresses are still popular. Spring mattresses have always been a type of mattress with a relatively high market share, so it is no surprise that it ranks number one. Memory foam mattresses entered the market late, but with their unique features such as decompression, slow rebound, and temperature sensitivity, they have become popular products on the market, even surpassing latex mattresses in the consumer’s preferred category. Second place. Helping health and versatility become new requirements for mattresses. With the improvement of the quality of life, consumers have put forward higher requirements for the performance of mattresses. In addition to the traditional shaping of sleep comfort, consumers hope that mattresses can have Contribute to physical health and achieve more functionality. For example, health requirements for relieving soreness, promoting blood circulation, monitoring sleep status, massage and other multi-functional requirements. The voting results showed that 69.52% of household mattresses had a service life of less than 10 years, and 30.48% had more than 10 years. Scientifically speaking, how often you need to change the mattress depends on your physical condition and the state of the mattress itself. For example, when the mattress appears sunken, the softness and hardness of various parts are different, and the elasticity is not enough, it indicates that the life of the mattress is at the end of the life. When your weight changes significantly, and you often wake up with backaches and other signals, it may be time to change the mattress. Brand awareness can affect consumers’ choices. 29.46% of people choose brand awareness and 11.63% of people choose advertising. This shows that the mattress industry is biased towards brand-oriented purchases, and new brands entering the market should strengthen quality advertising. The effective investment of the company is devoted to expanding brand awareness. Internet evaluation and other people's introduction can be said to belong to the influence of word of mouth. The combined proportion of the two amounts to 41.47%, which means that mattress companies must focus on word-of-mouth marketing in addition to brand promotion. The praise of an old customer may be a good advertisement. The survey shows that most of the top-ranked mattress companies with higher reputation are old brands. Simmons, ranked first, is actually an American brand with a long history. It was once synonymous with mattresses in the eyes of the people, and it is still a well-known brand in the hearts of consumers. In recent years, Mousse has spent a lot of money on advertising. The second-ranking popularity shows that the advertising costs are still effective.
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