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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers teach you to choose your child's mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-22
Faced with the situation of children's bedwetting, many parents feel headaches and inevitably feel tired due to frequent changes of mattresses and sheets. Parents may wish to prepare suitable cleaning pads for their children, which not only reduces the trouble of cleaning, but also allows the baby to roll over on the bed at ease and have a more comfortable sleeping environment. Novice parents, most of them have the following experience: When changing the baby's diaper, the child moves restlessly. As a result, the urine penetrates into the bed sheet and mattress, which makes the parents feel very broken. Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers come to teach you. Why do you need a cleaning pad? As infants are still young, all the physical abilities of the body are developing, and they cannot accurately control their bowel movements. Therefore, bedwetting is inevitable. Over a long period of time, mattresses will inevitably have peculiar smells, or raise concerns about hygiene, causing parents to wash or replace mattresses frequently. Therefore, it is recommended that parents can lay a cleaning pad on the mattress. Even if the baby accidentally wets the bed, or drools, vomits milk, etc., parents do not have to worry about soiling the mattress. The baby can roll on the bed as much as possible, and the parents can also Save the cost of buying a new mattress and save a lot of cleaning time. How to choose the right cleaning pad? There are so many kinds of cleaning pads on the market, which makes many parents feel dazzled. They don’t know how to choose. If you want to create a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment for your children, you may wish to refer to the following principles: 1. The cleaning pads do not contain harmful substances. The sweat and saliva produced during sleep will also come into close contact with the baby. Therefore, when choosing a cleaning pad, parents should pay attention to the safety of the material and choose a material that does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and PFCs. The baby’s skin tissue is immature, and the thickness of the subcutaneous fat and the stratum corneum in the epidermis is thinner than that of adults, so the resistance to external stimuli is very poor. If there is an allergic baby at home, parents should avoid allergens to reduce the risk of allergies, pay attention to whether the cleaning pad is effective in antibacterial, and has passed the dust mite test, etc., so that the baby can sleep well all night. 2. Breathable and not sultry. Because the baby's ability to regulate body temperature is not mature, the baby is afraid of cold and heat, and sweats more frequently than adults, which may make the baby sleep well or cause skin rashes. Therefore, you should pay attention to whether the cleaning pad has the effect of removing moisture and heat, so as to maintain the dry and comfortable skin of the baby, and to ensure that the baby will not wake up due to heat and humidity when sleeping. 3. Reduce the trouble of cleaning. When choosing a cleaning pad, in addition to paying attention to the health of the child, it is recommended that parents also consider the convenience of hygienic maintenance when choosing a cleaning pad. The effort spent on maintenance and cleaning.
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