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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers say you sleep in the right bed?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-24
Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers say you sleep in the right bed? Is sleeping on a hard bed good for the spine? Many people believe that hard beds are good for human spine, but let us think carefully: Our spine has a physiological curvature. In the case of conforming to the physiological curvature, the joints of the spine and the muscles of the paravertebral column will be in a relaxed and labor-saving condition. And when we sleep on a hard board, will there be a lot of empty feeling? The waist is still hanging in the air! Sleeping on a hard bed for a long time because of the lack of support at the waist: the muscles of the waist must continue to work to maintain the curvature of the lumbar spine, and fatigue will inevitably occur when the time is long; the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine will definitely change due to the lack of support. As it grows, the small joints of the lumbar spine will become tired and cause low back pain. In addition, people who are too thin will feel panic when sleeping on a hard board: a too hard bed (cushion) will squeeze the back nerves and affect blood circulation. Such partial squeezing will make people feel uncomfortable quickly and affect sleep. . Many people love the feeling of soft beds, and the whole person is sunk in one trip. It is very comfortable, especially some young people, who choose soft beds to sleep. But compared to a hard bed, this soft cushion lacks satisfactory support and cannot maintain the physiological curvature of the spine. Sleeping for a long time will be the same as a hard bed, which will cause some muscles to be severe and cause low back pain. Sometimes we feel that some relatively older people who may have low back pain are particularly sensitive about soft beds and cannot sleep on too soft mattresses. It is precisely because their waist joints and ligaments adjustment ability have deteriorated; young people’s The joints and ligaments are relatively soft and will not feel uncomfortable. Mattresses of different hardness are suitable for different people. Seeing this, I believe you already know that if a mattress is too soft or too hard, it won’t work, but a medium firmness is good. For different people, the hardness of the mattress is also different: Women: Women's waist curve is obvious, the mattress must be able to fully support their body, and they need a relatively soft and elastic mattress. Men: The weight of men is mainly distributed in the upper torso, so a firmer mattress is needed. Children: Children are in the growth and development period. Poor selection of mattresses may affect the child's spine support. Choose a mattress of equal softness, and the standard can be based on the child's bed sinking 1 cm after lying down. Bai old man: Bai old man’s bones have begun to degenerate. A harder bed is better than a soft bed, and a bed that fits the white old man’s body curve is suitable. Thin people: Thin people sleep on a hard bed will feel bumps, and light weight will not cause the mattress to sink, suitable for a soft bed. Stronger people: Consider sleeping on a relatively hard mattress, so that the body pressure can spread to the mattress more evenly.
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