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Foshan hotel mattress direct sales show you the 'function of germanium stone mattress'

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-22
Nowadays, mattresses of various materials emerge in an endless stream. What unique experience can all kinds of mattresses bring to people? Among this series of mattresses, there is a product called germanium stone mattress that has attracted people's attention. When Foshan hotel mattress direct sales show you 'the role of germanium stone mattresses' in the previous market, what is the sales volume of germanium stone mattresses? How do people react to germanium stone mattresses? 1. The price of germanium stone mattresses. The price of germanium stone mattresses is higher than that of other health-care mattresses. The price of germanium stone mattresses is generally 1,000 yuan. -Between 3,000 yuan, which is very high compared to ordinary mattresses. But a mattress with health benefits, as long as it is within the consumer's acceptance range, the price is understandable, and the quality and service of germanium stone mattresses are very good. Among all the brands, Tourmaline and Xinyu Jade Mattress have a good reputation among consumers. 2. The function of the germanium stone mattress (1) The germanium stone has the effects of reducing the adverse effects and relieving vomiting, cooling blood and stopping bleeding, and calming the liver and clearing fire. Its principle is equivalent to that of iron-containing mineral medicines and magnets. According to the analysis of traditional Chinese medicine, The human body's exposure to natural minerals can supplement the missing elements and trace elements, promote the absorption or excretion of excess elements and microelements, and keep the human body at a unique intermediate value. (2) Germanium stone will activate various plasma substances after heating with silica gel heating wire, and release a large amount of negative ion substances, which can penetrate the human body in all directions. It has obvious magnetic therapy effect. It is used as a special health mattress in Korean medical circles. Germanium stone mattresses are the first among the health care products for middle-aged and elderly people. (3) One of the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles on human facial skin is that the toxic substances accumulated in the skin cannot be discharged in time. The far infrared rays emitted by jade mattresses can radiate deep into the skin. Exhaust sweat from the body by expanding the skin pores to achieve the purpose of maintaining skin elasticity and beauty and health. If you want to change the mattress, you can learn about germanium stone mattresses. Germanium stone mattresses can bring people a good sleeping experience. When we are choosing mattresses, we can consider germanium stone mattresses.
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