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Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales teach you how to choose spring mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-12
Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales teach you how to choose a spring mattress! Consumers should first choose branded products with a certain scale and popularity when purchasing. At the same time, the following aspects should be paid attention to. 1. Fabric quality. The fabric of the spring mattress must have a certain texture and thickness. The industry standard stipulates that the weight of the fabric per square meter is 60 grams or more; the printing and dyeing pattern of the fabric is uniform; the sewing needle thread of the fabric has no defects such as broken threads, skipped stitches, and floating threads. 2. Production quality. The inner quality of the spring mattress is very important for use. When selecting, check whether the surrounding edges of the mattress are straight and flat; whether the cushion surface is full and well-proportioned, and the fabric has no slack feeling; press the cushion surface 2-3 times with bare hands, The hand feels moderately soft and hard, and has a certain degree of resilience. If there is a depression or unevenness, it means that the quality of the spring wire of the mattress is poor, and there should be no spring friction sound in the hand feeling; if the edge of the mattress is If there is a mesh opening or a stretching device, open it and check whether the internal spring is rusty; whether the bedding material of the mattress is clean and odorless. The bedding material generally uses hemp felt, brown flakes, chemical fiber (cotton) felt, etc., and wastes are not allowed Recycled materials, or felts made from bamboo shoot shells, straw, rattan silk, etc., are used as cushions for mattresses. The use of these cushions will affect physical and mental health and service life. 3. Size requirements. The width of spring mattress is generally divided into single and double: single specification is 800mm~1200mm; double specification is 1350mm~1800mm; length specification is 1900mm~2100mm; product size deviation is specified as plus or minus 10mm. Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales recommended way to buy mattresses is an indispensable thing in people’s lives. Most people don’t have a comprehensive understanding of spring mattresses. They feel soft is comfortable. In fact, you should choose the right one according to your physique and age. Spring mattress. The purchase of spring mattresses should follow some principles to help you find a spring mattress that suits you. First, before buying a spring mattress, we must first understand whether the main structure of the mattress is ergonomic? Whether it can provide the human body with moderate support, when lying on it, can maintain a most natural and comfortable state, without the slightest pressure and reluctance. Second, test the elasticity of the mattress before purchasing the spring mattress. Since the human spine is not a straight line, but a shallow S-shape, it needs proper rigidity support. A bed with a healthy spring system and a spring mattress should buy a comfortable sleep, so mattresses that are too soft or too hard are not It is suitable, especially for children at the developmental stage. The quality of the mattress will directly affect the spine development of the child. Third, consider the size of the mattress. When purchasing a spring mattress, add 20 cm to the most appropriate size for your height. In addition to leaving space for pillows and stretching your hands and feet, you can also reduce the pressure during sleep. Fourth, choose spring mattresses according to personal sleeping habits. Because everyone has different requirements for soft, hard and elastic mattresses, you should understand your personal sleeping habits before purchasing spring mattresses. Especially the elderly need to pay special attention to their sleeping habits. Mattresses that are too soft are easy to fall. It is difficult to get up. For the elderly with loose bones, it is better to choose a mattress with a higher hardness. Fifth, you should choose a well-known brand that is trustworthy and has good after-sales service when purchasing spring mattresses. Because, in the mattress market, there are not only hundreds of manufacturers, whether imported or domestic, but consumers must have the correct purchasing concept and judgment ability. When buying spring mattresses, they should choose well-known brands with good reputation, perfect after-sales service and guaranteed quality. At the same time, remember to ask for the original manufacturer's guarantee or the guarantee from the agent or distributor. Don't be fooled by the superstition that the import tariff is the original imported mattress. Sixth, when buying a spring mattress, you should try to lie down and flip it in various positions to feel the support force of the mattress on the spine and whether it can give a good and even support to the spine. Do not just touch the mattress with your hands or buttocks. When buying a mattress, you should lie down and feel the touch and hardness of the mattress. After reading the above tips for buying spring mattresses taught by Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales, I believe you have benefited a lot, and I hope these tips will bring you convenience.
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