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[Foam mattress factory] Is the sponge mattress good?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-20
Foam mattresses are less used today, and in the early days, more foam mattresses were used. Today, the foam mattress factory gives everyone a detailed introduction to what is a foam mattress, the characteristics of the foam mattress, and whether the foam mattress is toxic These. 1. First, give everyone a detailed introduction of what is called a sponge mattress. Sponge mattresses are actually two types of mattresses and spring mattresses. But nowadays, there are fewer sponge mattresses. They are made of sponge material, or memory. Mattresses made of cotton are generally made of polyester fabric. This kind of mattress has poor bearing capacity and weak resilience. It is a soft mattress, which is not suitable for people who rest heavily. 2. How about sponge mattress? What should we say about this problem? If you want to use spring mattresses, foam mattresses are not as good as spring mattresses, but the larger advantage of this type of mattress is that it is low in price and soft to sleep. Those who like soft mattresses may love foam mattresses. Foam Mattress Factory 3. Disadvantages of Foam Mattress 1. The foam cushion is too soft. If you fall asleep, your bones will bend and deform, especially in children. 2. There are too many gaps in the sponge, it is very easy to absorb too much water, and then it is very easy to cause the growth of bacteria in the sponge, full of worms and other microbial strains, which will harm your immunity. 3. Sleeping on sponge cushions will endanger your sleep. After waking up the next day, you may feel weak, aching back and back. 4. Are sponge mattresses toxic to the body? All normal sponge mattresses are not harmful to the body, but there are some black businesses in order to make money, and the mattresses made with fake sponges are not very good for the human body. Therefore, you should buy sponge mattresses. Reliable sponge mattresses, don't buy these miscellaneous brand sponge mattresses. Buying fake and inferior mattresses will not only harm your sleep, but also harm your physical and mental health. Sponge mattress factory
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