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Don’t worry about the hotel mattress decoration, these storage artifacts will help you

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-12
Don't worry about the hotel mattress decoration, the following storage artifacts will help you. Everyone wants to own a big house, but now the house price is too high, so they can only choose small apartment, the bathroom area of u200bu200bsmall apartment is even more pitiful, if the bathroom storage is not done well, it will be messy and messy toothbrush storage shelf. It can neatly store toilet products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, facial milk, water cups, and the platform can also place some fragments. In addition to toothbrushes, it can also store toothpaste and mouthwash cups. It can also be used to store some small facial cleansers and skin care products. Clean and hygienic. Small size, large storage, very powerful.  Triangular shelf. If the area of u200bu200bthe bathroom is small, in order to ensure the maximum use of the space, we can only look for the excess area in the vertical direction. For example, the use of a right-angled position to put a non-perforated shelf can make full use of the corners of the bathroom, waterproof design, strong and not perishable. Store all kinds of detergents here, so you don’t need to bring the basin and detergent from elsewhere when washing clothes. It’s super practical.  Mirror cabinet. The mirror is a must-have item in the bathroom, so why not integrate the mirror with the cabinet and put the items to be stored behind the mirror. The mirror is designed as a push-pull method to maximize the use of the bathroom area. Store the items that are frequently accessed and easily cause space clutter, so that the washbasin becomes clean and refreshing.   The upper shelf of the toilet. Some storage cabinets of reasonable size can be customized above the toilet, and some decorative plants can be placed. The door is dust-proof and moisture-proof, and it can easily solve the hygiene problem. Pay attention to the width and height of the cabinet and don't touch the head. Although there is only a small space, it can store daily necessities reasonably and easily solve your storage troubles.   Hook up behind the door. Behind the door has always been a place that people don’t pay attention to, but don’t underestimate any place where you can store items. You can prepare a hook behind the door to be stuck on the door frame of the bathroom. You can hang towels, belts, and clothes. It is very convenient to take. Space saving and practical.   Wall-mounted mop holder. It takes up a lot of space if the mop is placed in the bathroom. The wall-mounted mop holder has strong suction power, no trace, and self-adhesive. It does not need to be punched and does not damage the bathroom wall. It is very convenient to hang mop, broom, toilet brush and other bathroom tools.   small cart. The trolley should be the most versatile storage artifact, and there is no place limitation when using it. Whether it is a bedroom kitchen or a dining room bathroom, it is very suitable. If you have a bathtub at home, don’t miss the trolley storage artifact. When taking a bath, put dirty clothes on the lower layer and clean clothes on the upper layer, which makes it easy to use.   Hair dryer storage rack. After washing the hair, in order to avoid damage, there is no place to put the hair dryer. You can install a hair dryer rack on the bathroom wall, which is convenient and practical.   The side storage cabinet of the toilet. The toilet in the bathroom always takes up a lot of space, so make good use of the space above and around the toilet. It is necessary for a living space with a lot of things to store. It can be used to store tissues, towels and other cleaning supplies. You can also put some green plant pots to add greenery to the bathroom.  Towel hook. Soaked towels are always a headache. If they are stacked randomly, they will be infected with bacteria, and the towels will not dry out easily. In fact, as long as you prepare a towel hook, all towel problems will be solved. The towel hook can also play a good role in storing towels while decorating the bathroom. The important thing is that the towel hook saves space.   The belt is stored in the gap between the wheels. There are some gaps between the washing machine and the sink or between the toilet and the sink. If these gaps can be fully utilized, then it will be more convenient for us to access items.   There are big and small spaces, but the creativity is infinite. We can fill that small space with creativity. We hope that everyone can make their warm nests clean and tidy with magic storage and full of warmth.
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