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Does the coconut palm mattress have formaldehyde?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-29

   Speaking of mattresses, you cannot fail to mention the coconut palm mattresses. There are two main types of palm mattress materials, one is coconut palm and the other is mountain palm. The coconut palm processing is called coconut palm mat. Because this kind of mattress has a low production threshold, many brands will make this kind of mattress for sale. However, in order to save costs, some companies will use inferior materials for production. This result has led to the phenomenon that the mattress contains formaldehyde. So how do we as consumers judge whether there is formaldehyde in the palm mattresses we buy?

   Before telling everyone how to judge whether there is formaldehyde in the coconut palm mattresses , Let's first take a look at why there is formaldehyde in the palm mattress. Generally speaking, if we choose regular brand mattresses, these have passed strict production processes and production standards, and there will be no formaldehyde. But often we are cheap, and we have bought some low-quality palm mattresses, which are made of synthetic rubber. This kind of mattress uses a lot of chemical substances to bond, so it smells great. So how do we distinguish such inferior mattresses on the market? Smell the smell of coconut palm mattress first is a good way. The attentive friends above should find that the editor mentioned that the smell of inferior mattresses is very heavy. That's because these mattresses do not use natural adhesives. The regular mattresses will use natural latex for gluing.

   When we buy coconut palm mattresses, we can also ask the store about the source of the material and production standards. Because we buy in the market, it is difficult to see the materials inside, so we can ask the sales staff about the relevant qualifications and some standards to see if it meets the national standards. It is best to ask the store to show the test report of the mattress. Check whether the mattress formaldehyde in the test report exceeds the standard. And to see if the material used in the mattress is safe and qualified. Finally, we can simply distinguish by price. Although the coconut palm mattress is not a particularly expensive mattress, if the mattress we buy is much lower than the market price, then we need to be vigilant. Mattress is a product related to our sleep health, so when you buy it, don't try to be cheap. If the price is very low, then you need to think more about it. See if this mattress can be purchased.

   The above is about identifying whether the coconut palm mattress has formaldehyde and some suggestions for buying mattresses. I hope it can be useful for everyone. Mousse is a brand that specializes in manufacturing and selling mattresses. If you need it, please feel free to contact mousse. The mousse brand was founded in 2004 and is committed to the research of human healthy sleep. It specializes in the research and development, production and sales of a complete set of healthy sleep systems. It has innovated and created a 'tailor-made personal healthy sleep system' in the industry. At present, Mousse's offline sleep experience hall has covered more than 20 countries and regions around the world, providing a healthy sleep experience for tens of millions of customers. Everyone is welcome to buy. Related recommendation: Check out the advantages and disadvantages of coconut palm mattresses, let you know more about coconut palm mattresses!

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