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Do you know a few ways to identify the quality of mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-31
Due to the chaotic market, most people don’t know the difference between genuine and fake mattresses. Some people often buy some of the low-quality mattresses for reasons of cheapness, which will affect their health, in order to find a good bed. Mat, we need to understand some methods of identification. How to identify mattresses: 1. For light steel mattress manufacturers, look at the product identification. Product identification is the main way for us to understand the product. Generally, there will be basic information such as product name, material introduction, registered trademark, manufacturer, etc., and some also have qualification certificates and reputation cards. Do not go to the mattresses without product identification. They are not produced by regular manufacturers, and the quality is not guaranteed. 2. Look at the fabric workmanship. The mattress should be as comfortable as falling asleep. The fabric is very important. Generally speaking, it can only be judged from the appearance. Pay attention to the tightness of the mattress, smooth and no wrinkles, firm seams, straight and smooth ties, and no deformation. Touch the fabric, it should be soft and comfortable, without roughness, and the mattress will not make a creaking noise if you press it hard. 3. How to identify the mattress: look at the internal material. Generally speaking, mattresses cannot be opened, but now many well-known brands have introduced zipper-type detachable mattresses. Although the internal materials are fixed and cannot be seen directly, it is more intuitive to open the mattress to identify the internal structure. It's clear at a glance. 4. Ask after-sales service. Good genuine mattresses will have a warranty period. During the warranty period, quality problems can be repaired free of charge. When buying a mattress, don't forget to ask the salesperson about after-sales service. Related knowledge: Don’t believe these lies when choosing a mattress. Light steel mattress manufacturers introduce that when we are buying a mattress, we must try to lie down for at least 5 minutes. It is impossible to check the mattress by sitting and touching it. Good or bad. When trying to lie down, the key is to check whether the support of the mattress is good.
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