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Discuss what kind of mattress is suitable for people with back pain

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-11
A mattress is an item between the human body and the bed. It guarantees the human body’s sleep. Nowadays, many people suffer from back pain. It is very important to choose a suitable mattress, but many people don’t know which one is better. Some people say that, some people say that. What is going on, I will tell you in detail below. Since hard mattresses can provide better support for the whole body, it is generally recommended to use hard mattresses for patients with back pain. However, experiments have shown that in terms of reducing back pain itself, the selected mattress should have a moderate hardness and not too hard. The waist is one of the places where various parts of the human body are prone to problems. Most people will suffer from back pain at some stage of their lives, either due to injury, or careless use of the waist, or due to an accident. The light one will hurt for a few days, and the severe one can last for months or years, and even become a stubborn illness that will worry you all your life. At the same time, few people know that the cost people spend on treating back pain is staggering. For example, Americans spend as much as 50 billion U.S. dollars each year on treating back pain. Through the comparison test of sleeping on a hard mattress or a mattress with moderate hardness on patients with back pain. The subjects were asked to randomly choose a mattress to try to sleep, and then reported to the researcher the specific feeling of their waist when they went to bed at night and when they got up in the morning. After three weeks, compared with those reported by patients who slept on a hard mattress, the patients who chose a moderately firm mattress reported much less back pain, and the ease of getting up was also significantly improved. Sleeping on a soft bed, the buttocks of the human body are deeply concave because of the heavy weight, while the head and feet are lighter and the concave is not obvious, that is, they are in a horizontal position. This situation is equivalent to arching the waist when standing upright, which is very unnatural. Since standing with a bowed waist for a long time is uncomfortable, it is also uncomfortable to lie with a bowed waist for a long time, so it is recommended to sleep on a moderately firm bed and a hard mattress.
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