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Different people have different choices of mattress thickness

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-21
When choosing a mattress, you must not only look at its own material, structure and design, but also consider the related issues of standard size and thickness, because different people have different choices of thickness. This is also to make people sleep more comfortable. As for the problem. Mattress thickness selection: 1. Light steel mattress manufacturers introduce that children’s mattresses are a little harder, and should not be too soft, so as not to affect the normal development of the children’s spine. You can use a small steel wire bed (be careful not to use other people’s leftover old Wire bed) in order to avoid the deformation of the mattress and cause the center to sink, you can also use a small wooden fence mattress with thick bedding to increase the softness. 2. Teenager's mattress should be moderately soft and hard. If a mattress is too hard or too soft, it will cause spine dysplasia. When choosing a mattress, parents can feel it with the palm of their hands. No matter what material the mattress is, it will be fine. Adults choose a mattress designed according to biomechanics, which can relieve fatigue and improve sleep. 3. The elderly, especially those who are wasting and bedridden for a long time, should choose a mattress of moderate hardness and good air permeability to avoid local bedsores. Different series of mattresses have been specially designed according to people of different ages, which sincerely serve the sleep health of consumers. Light steel mattress manufacturers introduced that the thickness of different mattresses is different. The thickness of pure brown mattresses is generally not more than 10 cm and not less than 6 cm. The thickness of pure spring mattresses is generally not less than 20 cm, because if the spring mattress is too thin , It proves that the number of spring coils is not enough and the elasticity is not good, so it is not recommended to buy.
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