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Custom-made mattresses are also divided into different categories. How to distinguish between good and bad custom-made mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-01
Customized mattresses generally meet the needs of customers, so as long as there are no major problems, custom-made mattresses are very suitable for consumers. The following editor will first explain for you how to distinguish between good and bad custom-made mattresses? Understand How to distinguish between good and bad custom-made mattresses can also improve the ability to discern when choosing furniture. Knowledge introduction to distinguish the quality of customized mattress The mattress, feel whether it is too soft or too hard, and how is the resilience? Press again with your hands to see if it is tight and strong, and try the surface material with your hands to see how it feels; touch the mattress with your hand, yes It is dry or wet, whether the surface is smooth, and whether it is rough or not; finally, press lightly on the four corners of the mattress to see if these corners are also elastic. Press hard to hear: the qualified spring has good elasticity under the flap. And there is a slightly uniform spring sound; rusty, inferior springs often make a crunching and crunching noise under squeeze. Pat the mattress with your hands and then listen to the sound to test the mattress. The easiest way is to lie down on the mattress you have purchased and try it. The cushion is fully supported, consciously comfortable and stable; if the mattress is too hard and has poor elasticity, lying on it, the waist cannot be against the mattress, forming a gap that allows a flat palm to pass through. Such a mattress cannot provide considerate support for the back, and the back cannot be fully relaxed. Lying on the mattress with the body in person    Another situation is that the whole body falls down and the back is bent, indicating that the mattress is too soft and lacks proper support and support, which will cause the sleeper to wake up with backache and back pain. In addition, when you lie on your back or turn your body over, you should also pay attention to whether there is noise inside the mattress, and whether there is rubbing sound from the mat or other filler materials inside. If it is too soft, the user will have backache and back pain. Ask the merchant about the surface material, price, maintenance or use of the mattress. For different mattresses, there are different precautions:    spring mattress: repeated pressing tests, it is better not to sag and rebound quickly. According to national regulations, the coverage rate of springs cannot be less than 52%, generally up to about 500, and at least not less than 288.  All-brown mattress: The thickness of the mountain brown mattress is at least 6 cm; the high-quality mattress can smell a scent of dry grass when it is close; while the inferior one uses chemical adhesives, and what you smell is a pungent smell. Spring, all-brown mattress selection standard    latex mattress: about 3%-4% of people will be allergic to latex, you can choose artificial latex, namely PU latex instead. Smell when buying, a good latex mattress is tasteless.  Water bed: The material used in the inner bag must be waterproof and heat resistant, and meet the low toxicity standards of the eight major metal elements. The thermostat must have a certification issued by an authoritative organization and be safe for pregnant women and babies without radiation. The knowledge of distinguishing the quality of latex mattresses and water beds The above points are the knowledge of how to distinguish between good and bad custom-made mattresses compiled by the editor for you. To understand how to distinguish between good and bad custom-made mattresses, you can also improve the choice of mattresses. Different meanings.
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