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Create a new 3D sleep experience, Weichen mattresses make sleep better

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-14

   Spring is born and summer is long, autumn is harvested and winter is hidden, cold and hot, unable to get up. As soon as the season changes, I can easily suffer from insomnia and poor sleep. Insomnia is very common in modern life. In order to have a good sleep, people have tried various methods, such as exercise, eating melatonin, using sleep aid essential oils and so on. Of course, some people choose more comfortable bedding to improve their sleep. For this reason, Mousse mattress' target='_blank'>mattresses continue to iteratively update products to meet people's changing consumer needs.

   On the basis of years of deep cultivation in the field of healthy sleep, the mousse mattress exclusively introduced high-tech sleeping materials-space resin balls from Toyota's strategic partners to create With the space resin ball mattress, people can enjoy a new sleeping experience. This space resin ball mattress almost includes the sleeping feeling of the best mattress materials on the market, because it can be tilted and deformed in any direction of 360° front and back, up and down, and left and right according to the curves and movements of the body. Provide support, not only the fit and wrapping of latex and memory foam, but also the support of independent tube springs.

   In addition, the space resin ball is very environmentally friendly and healthy. Its main ingredient is high-grade mineral oil. It is widely used in women’s lipsticks, BB creams and baby skin care products. Safe, environmentally friendly and skin-friendly. In addition, the space resin ball has sufficient resilience to restore its original shape. After testing by Japanese institutions, the space resin ball can still maintain its original shape after 480,000 times of squeeze test. A space resin ball can be used for 30 years.

   As the temperature rises, the humid and hot environment can easily affect people's sleep quality, especially in the south, where the mattress has poor air permeability, and it is difficult to have high-quality sleep. The space resin ball mattress of the mousse mattress has good air permeability, because the resin balls are arranged in a very scientific honeycomb arrangement, and each resin ball has a distance between one and a half to two fingers, which is air-permeable and unobstructed. It can create a comfortable and dry sleeping environment for people. In addition, the space resin ball has water and humidity resistance, can inhibit bacteria and mold, and reduce people's skin allergies when changing seasons. Related reading: Mattress

   In life, people with weaker physical and psychological qualities, sleep quality is easily affected by the environment and daily routine. A comfortable sleeping feeling and a healthy and safe environment can help people have better sleep.

  Mousse Mattress, as one of the top ten mattress brands in the world and an integrator of healthy sleep resources, has always been 'user-centric' and continuously launched high-standard and high-quality healthy sleep products. Application and introduction of new sleep materials, etc., to help people solve the problem of sleep disorders in modern life. To make every dream sweet is the enduring original intention of the mousse mattress.

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