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Comparison of the weight of different mattress types

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-22
Air mattresses are generally lighter than other types of light steel mattresses of similar thickness, mainly because their main supporting feature is air. However, their weight is very light, causing about 10% of owners to believe that the beds are cheap and overpriced. Spring mattresses, especially thicker ones, average about 100 pounds. As a result, moving and carrying them usually requires more than one person; there may be grip on higher-priced models. Memory foam: The weight range is between 30-150+ pounds, depending on the model/size of the memory foam mattress-an average of about 98 pounds. Thicker high-density memory foam mattresses are heavier than thinner low-density memory mattresses, and there may be grip on higher-priced models. Hybrid mattresses often refer to mattresses that contain both internal springs and memory foam (two or more inches of material). The average weight of the hybrid is about 115 pounds, and the overweight is a complaint from the owners.
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