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Comparison of different materials of sofas in upholstered furniture, advantages and disadvantages!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-01
Upholstered furniture is often regarded as a large item in a family, and it still needs careful consideration. The big problems that we often face when choosing, and the exquisiteness of different materials is a headache. Today I will talk to you about the material comparison of the sofa.  1. Cost-effectiveness of fabric sofas and leather sofas  The materials of leather sofas are very precious and the craftsmanship is complicated, so the price is very high.  The materials and craftsmanship of fabric sofas are much simpler, so the price is relatively low. 2. The level of craftsmanship of fabric sofas and leather sofas. Sofas in soft furniture are divided into full-leather sofas and half-leather sofas. Full-leather sofas have high value, good ventilation, excellent environmental protection, and are developed in Europe and the United States. Leather sofa widely used in the country. Half-leather sofas use PU leather or artificial leather PVC instead of cowhide to replace the back, bottom and other hidden parts of the sofa, but the direct contact part of the human body is still expensive cowhide, which reduces the cost of the sofa and is cheaper. Usually, the production process of real leather sofas is very cumbersome and complicated, requires a lot of processing, and the quality is of course first-class.  3. The style of fabric sofas and leather sofas  Leather sofas, regardless of shape or fabric, look luxurious, solemn and magnificent, especially in a spacious living room. Putting this type of sofa on it can make the whole room look new.   Compared with leather sofas, the price of upholstered furniture in Jinan, fabric sofas are lighter, softer, novel in style, and diverse in colors, suitable for young tastes. There are many different types of fabric sofas. Silk and satin fabric sofas are both elegant and luxurious, giving a magnificent feeling, while sofas made of coarse linen and corduroy are calm and heavy. In terms of decoration, you can choose geometric patterns, large floral patterns and monochrome fabrics. The sofa with geometric and abstract patterns has a modern and avant-garde appearance and is a modern decoration style suitable for families. Sofas with large floral prints can be full of vitality, bright and bright, making your family full of vitality and vitality. Black and white fabrics are very popular and large. Monochrome brings a peaceful and fresh atmosphere to the room.   It can be said that no matter which sofa you choose, there is no strict standard. This is a very personal matter. Upholstered furniture mainly depends on how you feel and whether it is comfortable. This is especially true for the choice of sofas. It is not difficult for everyone to change their direction in mind.
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