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Common ways to repair inflatable mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-07
When repairs are needed, the air mattress must be deflated. Fortunately, most of the loopholes can be repaired. To do this, you must find out the leaks and clean the surrounding areas, and then apply patches. Of course, the specific implementation process is still more complicated, and you need to be careful. Deflation. Light steel mattress manufacturers introduced to repair inflatable mattresses. Pay attention to loosen the plug to release the air, place the mattress flat on the ground, and press out the air trapped in the mattress by hand. Clean the leak area with isopropyl alcohol. Sprinkle some isopropyl alcohol on a towel or cotton ball, wipe the leaking and surrounding materials to remove any debris, when done, let the mattress dry completely, if there is no isopropyl alcohol, put a teaspoon of liquid soap in a glass of water , And then use it to clean the area. When you don't have plastic, make a patch with clothes. Please clean the torn area with isopropyl alcohol first, cut a patch from an old shirt or another cloth, use super glue if possible, and press the patch for at least 6 hours. Just temporarily seal the hole with tape. Clean up the damaged area, and then lay the strap flat on the hole. You can use the mattress overnight, but the straps will relax over time. When you have a chance, replace it with a more powerful patch. Seal the hole with a hot glue gun. Light steel mattress manufacturers introduced that when repairing inflatable mattresses, pay attention to the glue gun that can block small holes, be careful not to let the gun touch the mattress, preheat the gun, then fix the tip on the hole, and move the gun slowly Go to the hole until it is filled.
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